4.9 5 0 40 40 CeraVe Skin Renewing Vitamin C Serum features 10% pure vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) for antioxidant benefits while helping to visibly brighten the complexion and promote more even skin tone.
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CeraVe Vitamin Serum
I love this CeraVe Skin Renewing Vitamin C Face Serum With Hyaluronic Acid. It works terrific and I like how it brightens my skin and puts vitamins back into my skin. I would recommend it to everyone.
Simply loved it!
I'm in my late 40's and it's starting to show😏so I've been trying to figure out a good product to help keep the youth in my skin this product make my skin feel soft and didn't dry It out I have sensitive skin and this was perfect for me. I recommend trying it out.
Another Great Cerave Product
I use to swear high end skincare worked much better than drugstore brands until Cerave changed my mind. I use so many skin care products from them and was excited to see them introduce a vit c product that included hyaluronic acid too. My main skin concerns center around dull, uneven tone so I had to try this. For the price, it's a great value. The small amount used per application stretched this for couple months for me and brings average cost per use to nearly nothing. It applies easily. I'm able to get it evenly distributed across my face and then it absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a residue on my skin. No adverse reactions either. After a couple weeks I began seeing my overall skin appearance becoming less dull and more even tone. I've used it for over a month now and my skin is as close to glowing as it has been and my tone is pretty close to perfectly even. I'd recommend trying this if you have same concerns as me. It should help, it has helped me
Very Good Serum
My husband had a melanoma removed from his temple awhile back and the doctor suggested he use CeraVe Serum once it started to heal. He found it to be very soothing to such a sensitive area and, as it says, it did renew the skin in that area. You can't tell where he had the melanoma removed now. We have been very pleased with this serum!
I love it
Vitamin C Serum is awesome! After two weeks my face looks so glow and healthy
Carafe skin renewing vitamin c serum
Great for anti aging effectiveness also improved those slightly fine lines and replenished the skin natural balance and I did not have any irritations or rashes and it feels very smooth on your skin making you look younger
As good as higher priced serums
Excellent formulation of ingredients with effective skin benefits - vitamins and plumping hyaluronic acid. Well absorbed, non-sticky, good packaging, non-irritating. All you want in an excellent product, but a very affordable price.
Ademas de ke deja mi piel suave siento que minimiza las arrugas y deja mi piel radiante
Cera V Facial Serum
This serum is highly effective in restoring facial elasticity. My skin felt more hydrated and plump in just 10 days. I would highly recommend this awesome product.
Great results!
Typically when I use any of these "skin renewing" creams I am disappointed. Not this time. I have very sensitive skin and this product didn't bother me at all. Feels great, like you didn't apply anything at all. After about two weeks I noticed a freshened look. No lines under my eyes, lessened lines around my mouth. I would highly recommend this product.
Great product
Really like it. After a bout a week I could see a difference. Pleased.
CeraVe Love!
CeraVe Skin Renewing Vitamin C Serum is awesome! My skin felt soft, invigorated, and presented an amazing glow. I loved the smoothness and firmness of my skin, and the application process was simple. Excellence!
La me jor marca me encanta cerave uso el cleanser el hidratante la crema de noche me falta probar esto de ve interesante
I have tried different products by this brand and love them just not this particular one I hope I can test this product at home.
Love cerave. I use the facial cleanser. I can't wait to try this product. It may be what I've been looking for in a skin care product! Please send me my free sample so that I may try it !

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