4.4 5 0 173 173 Gently cleanses without over drying, leaves skin feeling soothed and balanced.
Cetaphil Foaming Face Wash
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Works Great
This foaming face wash works really well for anyone that has facial redness. After continued use you can really notice a difference! Easy to lather up and rinse off.
This face wash is okay. It didn’t break me out. So that is wonderful. But it leaves face super dry. Better dry than pimples I guess. I think I’m going back to my normal brand.
Pretty Good
Been using this face wash for about a month now. It doesn’t make me break out at all which is great because it’s hard for me to find a face wash that works without the breakouts. If I don’t use moisturizer after my skin will feel a little dry, but you’re suppose to moisturize after you wash your face anyways.
Cetaphil Foaming Face Wash
#Cetaphil is #1 by #Allure. If you have very sensitive than this is for you. It's very affordable and gentle on your skin. Recommend this cleanser!
It's good but drying
I have very oily skin. This cleanser is nice, but it dries too much and after couple hours my skin gets more oily, trying to compensate it and make it right, but ends up a lot more oily. Would suggest using a moisturizer after
Family remedy and always works!
This wash never irritates my skin and I have oily/combination skin. My acne vanishes when I use it twice daily with a clean wash cloth.
Recommended by doctor
Every dermatologist that I know and have ever gone to recommends this product line - for myself w/aging skin and for my teenage son that is taking Accutane for acne. It helps us both to keep our skin from drying out and I would recommend too!
Doesn't Dry Out My Skin!
I used this project while at my mother's and loved it! It didn't dry out my skin like so many other cleansers do. My skin was soft and clean without feeling stripped dry. She let me take it home and I will purchase it again when I run out!
This cleanser really keeps my face feeling really clean and I loved the way it felt . I love that this cleanser is foaming. I would recommend this product to my friends and family
Best face cleaner I have tired
I have so many allergies and can't use most products This is gentle to my face the face wipes work great too The moister works good too my face don't break out using this product
I love this brand!
Good for acne. Cleans without making my face dry or flakey. All their products are great. I alternate between this and the Cetaphil Face Scrub. People think I spend a fortune on face products. This isn't the cheapest stuff by far, but nor is it high priced. And they sell it at Kroger.
Best face wash
This face wash provides the perfect cleanliness and moisture balance. Leaving my face feeling clean, smooth and not oily.
Flawless skin
My new favorite skin care brand. Completely transformed my skin. Cleared up my face fast. I would recommend this to anyone. Really works. No over drying or oily skin. Thanks Cetaphil.
Amazing Product
I have always struggled with sensitive skin, especially my face. All throughout high school, I tried so many products I thought would work, even through college and my military career. I thought I’d try Cetaphil, and I’ve now completely switched to this face wash, and this works perfect for my face and my skin!
I was an avid user of the cetaphil face washes when combating acne, it was one of the few ones that didn’t irritate my face or leave my skin too dry. I currently am working through other face washes, but I do recommend this product.

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