Cetaphil Foaming Face Wash

4.5 5 0 188 188 Gently cleanses without over drying, leaves skin feeling soothed and balanced.
Cetaphil Foaming Face Wash


Great all purpose cleanser.
This is a good gentle cleanser that leaves your face clean and refreshed. However I didn’t like the scent.
Great Skincare Product
This is an effective product. It has a light pleasant scent. It’s easy to apply onto My face. This helps reduce facial acne. My face looks clearer after one week. I would definitely recommend this product.
Great everyday cleanser
Cetaphil's Foaming Face Wash is a great cleanser to use every day. I use it first before following with a rougher cleanser to exfoliate. I've never met someone who tried this who didn't like it.
Wow how great this is
And again ibe had the greatest opportunity to tty this great facewash its gets your skin so nice and squeakly clean all dirt and oil are gone almost like an amazing magic grick !! And leaves yiur skin feeling so clean ,refreshed and so very so soft its very very effective and so so so affordable if you havent tried this ladies then hurry and do this now you wabt be disappointed.abd ive recommend this to all my friends and family
Real good Foaming Cleanser
I'm rating this a 4 of 5 stars. It's a definitely good cleanser There is very light fragrance that I'm picking up on, I can't place the smell but as I stated, it's very light, some might not even notice it. it has a real good foam which I like, it makes me feel like, this is doing to work 😉 And with the foam, you get a good amount a lather which takes a little bit more rinsing to clean your face off. It leaves my skin extremely soft afterwards. The only thing that it didn't do, which is the main reason I bought with my Dermatologist suggestion was with my redness. I saw absolutely no difference with redness that I have my cheeks. With this being new for me, I was hoping it would hit a homerun. I continued it as face wash but still looking elsewhere for my roses cheeks.
Face feels nice & fresh
Nice foaming. Very gentle on your face. Washes off all your makeup on the first time. Your face feels nice & refreshed. I like the pump because this prevents waste. Leaves skin evenly balanced.
Very gentle facial cleanser.
I received a sample of this cleanser and loved it so much I bought the full size. It's so gentle but cleans really well.
Gentle cleanser
It's a very Gently cleanser, good if you have sensitive skin.
Gentle but effective
This foam cleanser cleans my skin without irritation. I have oily sensitive skin so I need a cleanser that can deep clean without harsh ingredients. The foam makes it so easy to apply.
Good face wash
I received a sample of this and made my face feel soft and I really enjoyed using this .
Good affordable face wash
This is a good product. I wish you got more for the price. I didn’t feel my face was striped and dry. It didn’t have a fragrance. It foamed up real nice. I would recommend this.
Great product!
I had horrible issues with acne simply because I didn't wash my face. But this worked wonders. It came out lathery and goes a pretty long way. Even with every day use.
Works great
Great foaming face wash. Gentle but effective. My skin looks and feels refreshed. Perfect for sensitive skin.
I love this cleanser
This cetaphil cleanser is amazing. I use it everyday before going to bed. It gently cleanses by removing all the impurities and leaves the skin soft. I do recommend this product.
I liked this product my favorite Totality recommend

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