Cetaphil Hydrating Eye Gel-Cream

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Cetaphil Hydrating Eye Gel-Cream


Hydrating as Promise!
This Hydrating Gel Eye Cream is lightweight, it absorbs quickly and the texture is not greasy at all. The eye cream is in my everyday skin routine. It gives my skin a bright and hydrating look. The tube is very handy. I always keep it in my traveling skincare pouch. The price is reasonable for the quantity of the cream and the great work it does.
great moisturizing eye Gel
I`m 34 and I have really dry sensitive skin. This Cetaphil eye Gel cream includes six moisturizers, plus vitamin E and B5, for long-lasting, 24-hour hydration. It`s a lightweight hydrating and fast-absorbing moisturizer. This is a great eye Gel cream for the body and face. I love to apply it after having a shower. I love how this product is fragrance-free.
good gentle eye cream for sensitive skin
I have somewhat sensitive skin, so I have to be careful about the products that I use around my eyes - like most Cetaphil products, this works well for me without causing any irritation!
I feel like this is a good everyday eye cream. When it hits my skin, I get a cooling sensation, and it makes my eye area feel very hydrated. It doesn't have a lot of fragrance, so I'd recommend it for sensitive skin.
My eyes look restored
I love this gentle eye cream. It is soft and gently moisturizing. It removes wrinkles and fine lines as well as bags and dark eye circles under the eyes. This is hypoallergenic!
Best of the best
Wow! This brightens, hydrates, and smoothes your under eye skin. It’s amazing! It’s so nourishing and feels amazing when you apply it. I feel as if the dark circles under my eyes are slowly diminishing as well. A great product!
Nourishing Eye Cream
This product is intensely hydrating. As the brand is known for its rejuvenating properties, this is no exception. You can actually notice a difference. Love this product!!
Love Hate Relationship
I have a love hate relationship with this product. One it does everything it says it does and feels so nice going on. It’s a great product. Unfortunately it was a little to good for my skin and clogged some pores around my eye I ended up with bumps that still haven’t gone away.
Great option for eye cream
I've been using this on a daily basis. It feels soothing when applied, and it certainly has kept the skin area around my eyes moisturized and non-greasy. I do wish it came in a larger package.
Good product
Hydrated my dry skin in my eye area. Absorbs quickly and feels silky smooth on my skin.
Hydrating but...
While I wanted to LOVE this eye cream I can only say that it is just ok. I do feel like it hyrdrates my eyes but I do not feel like it brightens as it promises. I have been using this for at least 2.5 months and I see no difference.
I am a 40 year old with dry skin and I tend to lean towards hydrating skincare products. I like this eye cream because it absorbs nicely, doesn't leave a sticky or greasy residue and adds a nice hydrating barrier to the delicate under eye area. It also slightly visibly helps eyes look brighter and younger. It doesn't prevent fine lines but it absolutely makes them appear lighter. I love these products and will definitely buy this again.
Love this eye cream!
this eye cream is super hydrating but not oily, I wish the tube was bigger! I use this every night before bed and my undereyes wake up looking so much better! Highly recommend
Great results
Tried it for 8 weeks thinking it wouldn't do anything nut I was pleasantly surprised at people's comments.
It really works for skin wrinkles.
I tried this for the wrinkles under my eyes and itwas great.

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