4.8 5 0 290 290 CHEETOS Simply Puffs White Cheddar Cheese Flavored Snacks are sure to please any crowd.
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White Cheddar, so much better!!!
I love the White Cheddar flavor of these Cheetos! It's great that they're made from natural ingredients as well. I didn't have orange fingers when I was done snacking either! They're hard to put down! Sooo tasty!
Better Than the Regular
My coworker turned me on to this variation, and I'll never go back to regular Cheetos (although, I'll never turn down original Cheetos). Knowing that I'm snacking on something that won't cause guilt, tastes great, and is made with *real* ingredients... What could be better? This is a great snack alongside a sandwich or just by themselves!
Great Alternative To The Originals!
If you like Cheetos but hate the orange powder that gets everywhere these are for you! My kids love to eat these in the car and I love that I do not have to worry about everyone being orange by the time we get somewhere! I like the taste of these and would recommend them to others!
Yummy Snack
I love normal cheetos, but I think I love white cheddar even more. These are great and delicious!
5 stars are not enuf
Can't say I've bothered to buy this in the 'singles', because I can buy them in ADULT size and enjoy them without having to open bag after bag. YUMM!!!
One of my favorite snacks!
We buy these all the time and they are so yummy! I do not like regular Cheetos but I think that these are fantastic! I don’t think any improvements could be made! I love the texture and taste and I recommend these to all of my friends!
These are very yummy. Definitely can tell they are from the Cheetos brand, as they are high quality and very tasty. They are light and airy with a good cheese flavor and taste.
Love It!
Love it, I even like it more than the regular Cheetos. Actually even more more than any of the Cheetos. It's flavor is light yet i can't get enough of it. Definitely would recommend.
Simply Cheetos White Chedder Puffs
I loved them, they had just the right amount of cheese and the price was right. I liked the fact that they were puffs. They could be the larger size puffs. Yes, I would recommend this product.
I absolutely love this product. It is a great snack or something to have with lunch and makes me feel better about myself than if I were to eat regular cheetos. They taste great, almost like a mix of cheddar puffcorn and cheeto puffs.
Great snack!!
This is the perfect snack between meals!! It tastes delicious and my family loves it too! I like the white cheddar flavor better than the original Cheeto puffs. I would definitely recommend this snack!🙂
so good
Absolutely love these chips! Best type of cheetos. I can eat a whole bag in one sitting if I am not careful haha.
I can’t stop
I’m so addicted to these I can’t stop eating them I buy a bag of them at least one a week. I have tried to go without but then I get angry. Ok I don’t but I’m not happy. I really do recommend these and get at least two bags
These are so good
I saw these & thought I would try them. This are so good hard to keep them in my house. My husband like them in his lunch for work
A taste of goodness
I am totally in love with this flavored snack. I was at first skeptical thinking they would be too salty but boy was I wrong. Everything is evenly so that when you take the first bite, its heaven in your mouth. They are my new favorite cheeto snack. Try some, you too will be amazed.

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