CHI Wake + Fake Soothing Dry Shampoo

4.7 5 0 74 74 This isn't your typical dry shampoo, besides making your hair feel refreshed and clean, CHI's Wake + Fake Soothing Dry Shampoo has scalp soothing and cooling properties.
CHI Wake + Fake Soothing Dry Shampoo


If you love dry shampoo, this is FOR YOU!
Love some dry shampoo! I have fine but wavy/curly/damaged hair so I only condition and comb in the shower, and only shampoo when it starts getting grimy - I let the natural oils build up as much as possible - but the product buildup can get bad too! I've tried SO many different dry shampoos but some are so big you can't take on the go! I love these simple-sized bottles that I can carry in my bags and omg this smell and performance of the CHI brand whaaatttt!!! I wish I would have gotten to try it though here but I bought it! Will again!
CHI Wake is the best for when on the run, in a rush or even having a sick day!! Leaves your hair smelling and looking great!! Best dry shampoo I've ever used! Highly recommend!!!
CHI Wake and Fake Soothing Day Shampoo
Dry shampoo is so handy on the busy days. Love the nice smell. Lasts through the day.
One of the best
Most dry shampoos leave me this white cast and I have black hair. This didn't for some strange reason. I'm not complaining I love it and the smells amazing
This produc is amazing especially if you are like me and skip a hair wash during the week. I would definitely recommend this.
We have had plumbing issues so I needed something easy to use. It smells awesome and made my hair look and feel and smell great at a reasonable price. Would definently use it again.
Chi plus fake smoothing dry shampoo.
I bought this a couple of weeks ago.For my husband he has been down in his back.And cant wash his hair.This producr is amazing.
Smell of Heaven
If you love the Smell of cotton candy this is your dry shampoo. It sprays nicely and evenly on the hair no crazy residue. But the smell is just so sweet and Amazing and it stays that way throughout the whole day! They have other products in this brand I have them all! Lol
Love this dry shampoo!
I have tried so many dry shampoos and this one just works and smells so perfectly! I have let friends use mine and they always have great reactions to how good it smells. I feel that it keeps my scalp feeling clean and fresh.
This product is so great! It’s great for anyone who is always in a rush with little time. If you want to make your hair look clean and smell fresh, then I would definitely recommend that anyone tries this product.
Nice to have when you're in a hurry. Leaves hair feeling smooth and soft.
Looks washed!!
It’s great to have when you’re going out! It’s like a shower in a bottle!
Great for in between washes
I bought Chi Soothing dry shampoo from Ulta after seeing positive reviews on #hometesterclubna I wash my hair 2 times per week. In the summertime my roots need a dry shampoo between washes. This one works great. It really freshens my hair at the root and dissolves any oil or product build up. It has a soothing, kind of cooling sensation as well which is an added bonus. The results of the dry shampoo last for about 18 to 24 hours depending on the humidity and my activity level. I will continue to buy this and keep it on hand. I recommend it to anyone who wants to stay fresh between washes.
Will never buy again, would not recommend to anyone.
Worth trying Love it !!
I am skeptical of dry shampoo's but this one lived up to it's reviews. Absorbs the oils, leaves my hair clean and better feeling without washing on the days I cannot get it done. The scent was nice, not over powering. Very affordable !!!

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