ChiliNut M&M’s

3 5 0 232 232 Chili Nut M&M's Peanut Chocolate Candy is made with chili-flavored roasted peanuts and coated in real milk chocolate.
ChiliNut M&M’s


It's ok
I am not a huge fan of spices in my candy. This was just ok for me.
Have mixed feeling
Have a mixed feeling for this after eating did not feel the right amount of taste for spicyness and sweetness. Could be a one time try for this and have to develop taste to keep it buying
ChiliNut M&M’s
Not my favorite. I do not mind sweet and spicy, but this missed the mark for me. Chalky and not balanced sweet vs spicy flavoring. I could only eat a few....will not be buying :(
Sweet and Spciy!
Wanted something different in the candy aisle, so I tried M&M's ChilNut candy. All I can say is, give it a try. It IS different - the delightful chili flavor balances well with the sweetness of the chocolate. I really liked it straight out of the bag, but mixing them in with freshly popped popcorn put it over the top into supreme awesomeness!! Love it!!
I was so not a fan of these!! The chili flavor overpowered the sweetness and it was so bitter tasting. I was expecting more of a spicy sweet flavor but this was not it. I would not recommend.
Not bad
They are not bad, not my favorite. I do like a little heat in my food but not in my chocolate that is a strange combination. I would recommend them, My wife simply loves them.
It's different
These are different because it is a combination of hot and chocolate.
my review
hi these are delicious,and i want to try these again,so please sendx these to me,to try again.!
very sweet
It would not hurt to have less sugar. And less additives. In other words just another worthless candy.
Didn't Like
I didn't like these at all. Too much chili flavor. I gave some to my family too and they didn't like it either. I do not recommend these to anyone.
Tastes funny
They was alright just not the flavor I thought it would be. .
Great flavor
I really loved this spicy version of the m&m's, but most must not have because they were discontinued!!
Not a good mix of flavors
I have tried a lot of M&M flavors and this one missed the mark. The ratio of chocolate to chili flavor was not right. The chili overpowered the chocolate. I would not recommend as I do not think it tasted as good as some of their other flavor combos.
Too much chili flavor alone
Although the flavor is nice, it's too much for me. I had to have 2 regular M&M's along with 1 Chili Nut one. For those who like spice and things out of the ordinary, they may enjoy these.
Perfect heat and chocolate duo
I loved this flavor! I was so surprised when they discontinued it. It was just right in the amount of spice/heat and with the nuts inside, it was perfect.

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