4 5 0 33 33 New Delicious Christie Wheat Thins Popped Cracker Chips have 8G whole grain per 23G serving.
Christie® Wheat Thins™ Popped Chips
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Missing something
I tried the sea salt ones and it seems to be missing a certain umph. Maybe an herb with the salt would be better? I’m not sure.
I tried Wheat Thins popped sea salt ones and they are okay. They are tasty but they seemed to be missing something, like they would probably be better with some kind of dip.
Really like Wheat Thins; good taste with less calories.
I loved them...very light, yet with the crunch I needed.
Satisfied a crunch craving. Great taste. Nutty, crunchy, addicting! Yummy!
These are the best and they are good for you. They are a healthy snack
My whole family enjoyed these. Crispy and light and had that sweet nutty wheat thin taste we love
The only problem I have with these chips is that it is very difficult to not eat the entire bag at one sitting. They are that addictive. I have tried every variety and love them all.
These are delicious and really quite healthy. Great for movie night snacking.
This has become my new guilty pleasure. I LOVE this new popped chips by Wheat Thins. These are great snacks. They are light, crispy with whole grains and come in several delectable flavors. This spicy cheddar will have you coming back for more. Be prepared because once you open that bag everyone around will move in close to get some. Get some today and start poppin'.
These are so delicious especially the sour cream and onion one! they are so light and fluffy!
tried them and i liked them and i love the package and how they make you really want these wheat thins, it keeps me from going to the chip area...and that is a good thing believe it or not
I have tried the sour cream and onion, they are really good.
I love the texture! They're light and crispy, nice and airy. Good flavors, too.
I love absolutely everything I have read about this product so far,and I would love to try these out before purchasing them in store.

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