Claritin Allergy Medicine for Kids Antihistamine Grape Syrup 4 fl oz

4.6 5 0 100 100 Children’s Claritin Syrup provides effective, 24-hour allergy relief of your child’s allergy symptoms, like sneezing, runny nose and itchy, watery eyes. It is available in a grape flavor. Kid approved great taste. Antihistamine. For children ages 2+. Each 5 mL teaspoonful contains 5 mg of loratadine. Dye-free, sugar-free, alcohol-free, and kosher approved.
Claritin Allergy Medicine for Kids Antihistamine Grape Syrup 4 fl oz


Kids don't mind taking this
My kids don't mind taking this medicine. The grape flavor smells like Robitussin. This is the medicine to go to when your little one is too small for taking pills. The liquid is easy for them to swallow.
Proven to work & Child approved!
I have used Claritin Children's Allergy medication many times over the last few years. Every time has proven effective & safe for my girls, who are both very young still. The flavor is grape, and both my girls didn't mind it whatsoever. It received their allergy symptoms quickly & with no adverse side effects!
Best for seasonal allergies
My 8 year old son has seasonal allergies especially when everything is blooming, he also breaks out on his arms from eczema and this actually helps that as well which is a huge lifesaver!!
Childrens relief
I tried this product with my granddaughter and it got her the relief she needed due to her allergies it was kinda hard to take her out without her feeling like her nose was going to come off
Blessing in disguise
Dreams do come true! Allergy relief at its finest! My son is allergic to so much that it’s easier to say what he’s not allergic to. This is our go to if it’s something minor like environmental or small rash due to foods that can be treated at home. So ever thankful we found this product!
Works Great
My 12 year old has the worst allergies, ALL season long. We use this product per our pediatrician. For 3 months we use this product and take a break. he says it really work and likes the taste.
Doesn’t make my kids drowsy or groggy!
Works great for my kids spring and summer allergies without making them drowsy or groggy.
My son has Epilepsy and is limited on what he can take. This helps him during allergy season. He likes the taste, it goes down smoothly for him, helps with his runny nose and itchy eyes. It's clear which is awesome, and it's not to thick or thin. We love it.
Keeps my child's allergies under control
My son has allergies that can get frustrating at times for him. Claritin has become part of our morning routine to get him through the school day unbothered by his allergy symptoms. If your little one hates liquid medicine I also recommend thier chewable tablets, my son enjoys the flavors (grape or bubble gum).
Don't have to fight the pill.
Claritin allergy liquid medicine is a great thing for our house. I have a teen who fights me on taking pills. Yes I need to up the dose a bit, but its great to have this as a back up when they wont take a pill. Works as well as the pill form. Sometimes I think even quicker.
Good stuff
This stuff really works great for children's allergies. My kids use this & it works. They prefer the chewables though which in my opinion works better & faster but this works just as well. Give it a try.
A Must Have!
Me and my kids all suffer from crazy bad allergies. This medicine is great for relieving the allergy symptoms that often plague me and my precious babies. I actually carry this or the chewable with me at all times.
Works good
my son usually has allergies in the spring every year. And thanks God this one help him alot. It works really good, and tastes good so my so had no problem to take this. It's always available in my medicine cabinet. Highly recommend it
This medicine is a blessing for my oldest daughter, she always gets allergies when the seasons change.. and she always feels so much better and right back to herself after taking this! (She doesn't hate the taste either, which is a huge win!)
Only thing my kid will take
My child hates medicine this is the only thing I can get her to take

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