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Classico Four Cheese Alfredo Pasta Sauce
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Not very good
I'm a picky eater but I gave this a try. I was disappointed to say the least. It didn't come close to tasting like homemade or restaurant Alfredo sauces. It had a very off taste, almost chemical. I threw it out the same day I bought it.
This is my favorite Alfredo sauce.
Classico doesn't make any sauces I haven't liked. I really love the way this tastes. Add chicken broccoli and some noodles and you have a really good quick dinner. I would recommend this sauce to anyone.
Simple Alfredo
I would buy again. this is a simple Alfredo sauce. Not as good as homemade, but not bad for jared. Add pasta, vegetables and you have a meal. The sauce is thick and flavorful. I would not change anything.
It’s one of the best Alfredo sauces if used in a while. I should know because I eat a lot of them
go to white sauce
this is my go to white sauce, price and flavor and big pros for me. i add this to simmered veggies and add chicken and noodles, always know it will be a hit. i wish they used the same sized lids as the red sauce on the jars because those fit regular mouth mason jars and these do not.
O'my gosh I love the flavor
I use this for my chicken tortellini, or chicken alfredo and my family raves over it, it's a simple meal for that crazy hectic day that I don't have time to slave over a stove.
Best Alfredo sauce
I absolutely love this Alfredo sauce! It’s tasty and creamy and not bland tasting it’s affordable and something I like to stock up on!! Especially when on sale! I recommend this for all Alfredo lovers!
Classico Four Cheese Alfredo Sauce
This is my daughters' favorite sauce on her noodles. :) And she is a fettucini connesier.
Eqivalent to Homeade
Mix the 4 cheese with the original creamy alfredo and it makes for one awesome sauce
Classico four cheese Alfredo sauce
After trying many jarred Alfredo sauces from the store I decided that I would give this one a try. You see my all time favorite Alfredo sauce is from Olive Garden, but I don’t always have the time to try and attempt to make a homemade batch of sauce. Honestly I was afraid to even try it at first because many jarred sauces just taste down right disgusting. I added it to a crockpot Chicken Alfredo recipe and after tasting a small bit of it I was surprised that it actually tasted pretty good. Although I found that adding some garlic powder and Parmesan cheese made the sauce even more reminiscent to olive gardens.
Simplemente delicioso!!
Me encanto esta salsa, a comparación de otras que se tienen que condimentar para darle sabor a la comida, esta salsa esta deliciosa, muy económica y sobre todo muy practica, me encanto probarla.
I always this
We make chicken alfredo with this.It is super creamy and delicious
My favorite brand for all sauces!
This is one of the best Alfredo sauces I have ever bought. The sauce is thick, creamy and very flavorful. They also have an awesome pizza sauce and marinara sauce. There isn't another sauce out there that comes close to the Classico brand. I highly recommend all of their sauces. You won't be disappointed if you by Classico brand.
Dynamic, yummy
As a preproffesional student, mother of 4 and a picky husband. I need good food that I can cook fast and clean fast. This pasta sauce is a great base I can be dynamic with. I can go for a basic Alfredo with chicken or add some tomato and Cayenne or creole and it quickly becomes a Cajun sauce from one night to the next. Some shelf stable sauces have a shelf stable taste. This was better than that. I buy this on a regular.
Dependable but bland alfredo sauce
I've purchased pasta sauces from Classico on several occasions, but I only bought the Four Cheese Alfredo Sauce once. I used it to make fettucine alfredo, and while it had all the expected traits of alfredo sauce (texture, creaminess, smoothness) I wasn't blown away with the overall flavor profile. Despite containing four cheeses, I couldn't detect much of any cheese flavor in the sauce. It was very creamy, but it didn't taste like much BUT cream. I enjoy alfredo sauces with more seasonings in them, to give a bit of pep and zest to pasta dishes (such as Bertolli Alfredo Sauce, my point of comparison). All in all, it will do the trick if you need some pre-made alfredo sauce for a dish, and I doubt you would receive any complaints. But if you really want to wow the people you're feeding, I'd look elsewhere.

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