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Classico Four Cheese Alfredo Pasta Sauce
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my family loves this product it is very cremy and very good tasting love it and buy it all the time
It has a great flavor and very good I am very happy I tried this sauce.
This stuff is awesome in casseroles, recipes, special things you want to make!
Very creamy. Rich flavor. Absolutely delicious . Loved this product.
This sauce is great, have tried it on pastas, vegetables, making mack and cheese, and also used it to make homemade Pizza. Made it using everything bread, spinach and artichoke, and several others. Give this a try kids Will love it and it is an easy meal
I always keep a jar of this around for a quick meal. It is a great consistency and delicious. It is especially good on pizza. This is a good enough product that I can easily take a shortcut to get a meal on the table.
I love the brand Classico sauces but the sizes are so small I wish they had bigger jars especially with the pesto sauces
This is one of the best jarred Alfredo sauces on the market! I buy it as often as I can when planning my meals. This tastes like restaurant quality sauce without the high price tag!
I have tried this sauce in multiple recipes we cook and I love it. It has great flavor and the Four Cheese Alfredo happens to be one of my favorite ones. They have many different type of sauces to choose from. We use this one in our Chicken pasta dishes, pizza, and many more recipes!
Used this w my homemade pesto, it was awesome! Cook chicken in Italian dressing and chop up. Boil up some BowTie pasta. Crumble up some bacon (I cheat and use precooked, cook it til crispy). Mix all together w 4oz pesto and Four Cheese Alfredo, can add cherry tomatoes and mushrooms too-- Voila! Super easy and delish. I actually think it's better the next day-- leftovers!!
Mmmmm...... I love Classico sauces. The Four Cheese Alfredo is the bomb! So Rich, Creamy & Full of Cheese Flavor.
This is the best Alfredo sauce I've ever tried. Tastes better than a restaurant.
I have 5 sons that are very picky but when I made this with chicken they were fighting for the left overs.
great sauce, use regularly for chicken alfredo and/or other things.
Very good. Thick and creamy, has great taste and texture.

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