3.6 5 0 44 44 The best qualities of Alfredo sauce, fresh cream and aged Parmesan cheese combined with the light and flavorful taste of tomato sauce and fresh garlic.
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Nice texture and taste
My family eats a lot of pasta sauce and this is by far our favorite.
Classico Four Cheese Tomato Cream sauce is pretty good on veggies and chicken. Skip the pasta for a healthy, low carb meal. It is a little too sweet.
Lo e probado pero no es de mi agrado. Pero a mi familia si le gusto.
I usually make my sauce from scratch. But when needing to feed people last minute it's ok.
I was not really impressed with this sauce at all, I prefer Ravu myself
I have tried this and love it. Reminds me of vodka sauce. You won't be disappointed..
Out of all the Classico sauces this one and its none cream counterpart are a family favorite. I buy at least two jars a week. It pairs well with sausage. It has a few chunks of tomato in it, much to my disappointment( I wish it was a little on the chunkier side). Overall its delicious, not to tomato-y or cheesy just right.
It is okay not great but is good in an emergency if it is the only product you have at that moment of time that you need it to fix a dish even thought it is all natural but is not all organic when you read the ingredients label
we would love to try itlook very great.just want it.could i get one please
Very good. Definitely use again.We used it on garlic cheese bread. Poured on top and had it like a snack. Keep the napkins handy.
I have tried this and my husband and I really like it has a good taste.most definitely will try again
Classico, in my opinion, is the best jar gravy, some people call it sauce. They have a large variety and high quality ingredients.
I have tired this. It is ok nothing like homemade. Not a ng fan
Have not tried this product yet, but I am always looking for something different to serve my family. Classico Four Cheese Tomato Cream sounds delicious.
We use prego now for our spaghetti but i would l love to try this product on our other pastas we love to use to create a new and exciting dinner sensation.

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