3.6 5 0 43 43 The best qualities of Alfredo sauce, fresh cream and aged Parmesan cheese combined with the light and flavorful taste of tomato sauce and fresh garlic.
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I have tried the Classico dried tomato pesto before and I am anxious to try Classic Four Cheese Tomato Cream. It looks delicious
This product is on my send and let me try I want to start a new tradition in my household
I love cooking pasta dishes. This looks like a good product to try.
I haven't tried it, but, however, from reading the comments, I'd definitely enjoy it!
Haven't tried it yet but I usually make my sauce from scratch looks tempting to try it contains alot of the same ingredients I use to make my sauce. Would love the opportunity to try it.. Send me a sample jar ...I'm having spaghetti for dinner tonight...
I have not tried this product yet but I'm looking forward to trying it. We all love spaghetti sauce.
I would love to try this I am always willing to try new things and like surprising my family with interesting meals
Classico heh...consider me for product testing...I've never tried Classico products before...
I love the Classico sauce varieties & would love to try it!! If it is as good as their other sauces I am sure it will be a hit!!
I have not tried this particular flavor but i always choose Classico when I make chicken Parmesan. I have not been disappointed by any of their sauces. I will definitely be trying this one.
You got me at cheese and fresh! Would love to try this sauce and write a review!
I am with Tonya I will like to taste this classico sauce with one of many of my dinner food. Please send me a sample. Thank you
I like Classico sauces, they bring variety to the dinner table. Would love to try this for our family dinner.

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