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Clean & Clear Hydrating/Night Cleanser 2-Pack
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Works well
I did like this product. The smell is good not overpowering and the texture is soft. It rinses off great. However I do think that using this on skin that tends to lean more so on the drier side may have an issue with it being too much. My 15yr old son who is active in sports and tends to be extremely oily at times can use this and it doesn’t dry his skin out.
I love this cleanser
Great product! The morning cleanser feels refreshing and energizing and the night one feels like a deep clean. It really fits with my oily skin. I’m really satisfied with the product. I recommend it.
Good but not for everyone
This product does work awesome but has an extra drying out effect. Would recommend but not for someone with sensitive skin.
Awesome buy for everyone in the home!
I was very pleased with this product, both for myself and for my teenage son. It wasn't overly drying, and definitely left me feeling clean & refreshed. I love the option of having a separate day & evening cleanser since they're formulated specifically so my skin is getting what it needs at that particular time of day. Plus I am a sucker for products that come in pairs. ;)
Old time favorite
I love the morning face wash the most. It sure does make you feel more awake, which is something that helped me out a lot during school mornings. That clean burst really dives dee into your pores. The nighttime one is great for unwinding. It isn’t exactly the burst you get from the morning one, but it’s more like the accomplishment of finishing a hard day.
Not for my sensitive skin!
I was using this for 2 months before I switched to a more high end brand. In that time I noticed my face was more red then usual and it wouldn't go away along with the acne spots not getting any better. I see my opinion is unpopular for this product so all I can say is it's worth a try!
an old favorite
i've used these for years and I really like how fresh they smell and how clean they leave my skin. They do have a nice exfoliation effect on the skin. I enjoy this product.
affordable exfoliate
I purchased the morning one I find it more refreshing and i use it day or night. I keep in my shower at all times and really enjoy the bubble burst onto the skin make me feel extra clean.
Great for your face
I bought this product a couple months ago and really enjoy both of these! I enjoy the morning one as it helps to wake me up in the morning and feel refreshed. I enjoy the the night time one because it leaves me relaxed and ready for bed!
Love this product
Love this product leave my skin cleaner and clearer until now I am still using it and it is part of my daily facial cleaning routine.
Too stripping
I bought this product on a sale to try with my facial cleaning routine. I thought I would like the two different formulas but sadly it was too hard for my skin. Instead of it helping to prevent break outs it felt like it was creating more of them for me. My skin would get slightly red & feel irritated.
Great product use it every morning and night. Very refreshing
Clean & clear
Clean & Clear Hydrating/Night Cleanser. Has a great smell and works really well
Like the way my face feels
I bought this product after one of my friends suggested it. I love the way the morning one helps wake you up after washing your face. It has a great smell.
Great value
This is great for a day and night skincare routine! The night one makes you feel relaxed like it says, and the morning one gives you that nice burst of energy. I love it!

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