Clean & Clear Hydrating/Night Cleanser 2-Pack

4.4 5 0 350 350 Clean your skin with a touch of moisture in the morning and calming aromas at night.
Clean & Clear Hydrating/Night Cleanser 2-Pack


Leaves you feeling refreshingly clean!
So I’ve used both the morning and evening products. I love how refreshed it makes you feel. I’m prone to dry skin so usually after I wash my face my skin is really dry and tight and I need to put lotion on it but I’ve used these products without having that problem which is nice for a change. I love the scent and it gets the job done. I think this product cleans your face well and I’ve never broken out using it like I have with other products. I like how it feels on my face when using it and how fresh my face feels afterwards. I definitely recommend these products for your daily and nightly beauty regiment/self care routine. It’s affordable too! Love that!
Good cleanser for cheap
These are a good cleanser for you face and bugdet. I prefer more prestigious cleansers but I will use these when I can't afford them. I used them in high school and they've always been my go to when I ccan't buy my usual
Great smells, but irritating for skin
It’s smells really good, but dries up my face.
Burst of Freshness!
Honestly loved this face cleansing duo! I started using this product when I was a teenager and fell in love with the results. These cleansers work very well and keep your face feeling smooth and refreshed. The morning cleanser has little beads in it and it's like a burst of freshness waking up!
It's ok
This is what I used the whole time I was a teenager and it was ok. I think there are definitely better cleansers out there, but it's not bad for a cheap clean. It gets the job done.
Does the job
It does cleanse your skin but if you have sensitive skin, this will not work for you. It is too rough.
Calming and clean
I use both the day and night cleanser. I like how it lathers up. You only need a little to clean your face. The smell is on the strong side.
Teen approved
My 13 year old uses this set daily and absolutely loves it and the price is great
I absolutely would recommend this to anyone of my friends and family members of whom like to try new products and services. These are the perfect little things to have around your house.
I used to love it!
This was all I used growing up. It was my go to whenever I would run out, I replaced it. I recently tried it as oppose to me more expensive face wash I have been using. I'm not sure if formula, or if my skin has changed but it isn't as I remember. My step daughter loves it though! She says it works well with her skin. She oily to normal skin.
Wanted to love!
I do badly want to love this combo again, but it doesn't work for my oily/combination skin type. It makes my face very dry and inflames it if anything. I used the morning cleanser everyday as a teenager, and wanted to re-try it with the night wash, but unfortunately it's not for me. It is very affordable though and I'd recommend for a teenager.
I wanted to give this oil-free pack a try but unfortunately, it made my face very dry and breakout. This might not work for all skin types so its better to try a smaller sampler first
Great Drugstore Face Wash
While this is not my favorite face wash out there, it is still pretty great. It doesn't dry my skin out and my face feels clean after I rinse it off. The value for the price is unmatched.
These face washes work great for my oily skin, it only takes a tiny amount for my whole face smells great and leaves my skin ready for my serums
Left my face extremely dry and left me having acne

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