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Refreshing and relaxing
I love these products especially the morning one it really feels refreshing waking up and washing your face with a citrusy smelling face wash. It leaves your face a little dry so I recommend moisturizer zing or using a serum same with the night time which I find both refreshing but relaxing I’d re purchase these over and over. I definitely recommend.
Burst of clean
I buy this over and over because I love how it makes my face feel. It's the perfect pair for day and night. I have combo skin and it really makes my skin easier to work with. Love it!
Burst of sunshine
The morning burst is my favorite between the two cleanser. Morning burst has fun little beads in for exfoliation and its a cute massage. The citrus smell was a little odd but pleasant.
Best drugstore face wash
I started using Clean & Clear Day/Night Cleanser 2-Pack, when I was just a teenager. Wow, that was many years ago!! I don't use these as often as I used to, but both are still one of my favorite drugstore facial cleansers. The morning burst consists of Bursting Beads that burst with energy, vitamins, and citrus scent that truly wakes me up. I use this on the mornings that I'm dragging and/or still tired. Surprisingly, it wakes me up and leaves my skin freshly cleansed. The night relaxing deep cleaning face wash is a foaming cleansers that completely washes away any make-up, dirt, and/or oils. It has a nice scent that's calming and kinda relaxing. It's perfect to use right before bed, after a long day at work.. I highly recommend Clean & Clear Morning Burst and Clean & Clear Night Relaxing Deep Cleaning Face Wash for teens/adults and women/men that's looking for an affordable & effective face wash.
Great features
Cleanses your face with a burst of scentsations and wakes me up in the morning
Clean & Clear face wash morning/Night
I have used the morning burst/night face wash, I love the morning burst because it wakes me up fast. Very effective for acne. They should improve this product by adding moisture beads because my face was dryer out from it
Works Wonders!
From the first use of using this product my face felt really fresh and soft. And still weeks laters some of my acne bumps has went down. Great product, Strongly recommended.
Purchased this set for my teenage daughter. It smells and feels nice but has done nothing towards improving her skin. Still has breakouts just as much as she did before. Not a very noticeable difference in my case.
Clean&Clear Morning/Night
I purchased this for my pre-teen who has started to have mild breakouts. She loves that there are 2 different cleansers (and 2 different colors) and they both work well, keeping her skin Clean & Clear!
Clean and Clear
I liked this product. It made my face feel really clean. The only reason I would give it 4 stars is that throughout the day it made my face a lot oilier than when I use my other face washes.
Good product
This is a good product, I also enjoyed the day/night difference between the two. The only thing that was disappointing was the little beads are misleading. I don’t find them useful for any exfoliating purposes.
Love love so refreshing
I bought the morning 1 as a teen but recently bought this pack and i now use everyday. The morning one is kinda citrusy and just wakes you up and makes your face feel amazing. The bedtime is so soothing like aromatherapy a destressing smell calming and it also makes your skin feel amazing! I love using these.
Love it!
It makes your skin feel great especially the morning burst. It does not irritate my skin and made my skin feel so refreshed!
Love it
I love clean and clear! This product is Amazing. Very gentle to the skin and doesn't harm or irritates my skin at all. My skin is combination of dry and o ily. So this works just fine. Try it!
I have been using clean and clear since teenage.. when I used to be in my high school since then I use clean and clear for cleansing my face and I love them very much

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