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Clean & Clear Hydrating/Night Cleanser 2-Pack
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Clean and clear
This item I rate it 10/10 . I recommend this to everybody who hasn't tried it and this is a very affordable item you can purchase and it works and I can say everything good about this product and not bad.
Best Cleanser
Clean and clear is the first and 1 of only 3 facial soaps I am able to use without damaging or breaking my skin out. Morning burst is probably my favorite of all. I highly recommend this facial cleanser.
Hydration to nouris......
Clean & clear. ..... Is the most trusted Brand. ... It's quite good to apply on your Face after treat with your medicine washes It is good to enhance your beauty. ... Yessss I will recommend you Guys this Best of luck. ...
Easy to use
This great set was awesome for my son. Kept beside the sink it made his ritual great and easy steps. It is much cheaper at discountstores. All it needs is a moisturizer to finish off the set. Very affordable, not to girl perfume.
Amazing Product
I got this cleanser so that I could see improvement in my skin, and as I thought this actually worked and using this product daily made my skin better looking and also less acne prone.Highly recommended product.
My favorite face wash
I have been using these for years! I love the way my skin looks and feels!
Morning Burst is best
Love the set but by far my favorite was the Morning Burst. So refreshing, smells great and is a great way to wake up in the morning. My face feels clean and refreshed all day long
They're both good
I liked these products, but I think I like the morning one better because it made me feel like my skin was cleaner than the nighttime wash.
Perfect pair
The morning burst is so very refreshing to my skin, it almost has a cooking effect that wakes me up and keeps my face hydrated throughout the day. I don't use the night one too much but my teenage son does and it helps keep his acne under control since he started using it.
I love this duo set! Being able to have a clean face in the morning and at night is probably one of the best feelings in the world! That refreshing, clean feel with a good smell! Packaging is cute too!
Love them
I'm currently using these and they work well. The morning has a great smell and gives your skin a cold boost to get you awake. The night has a great smell and works really well to clean away the day and get your skin ready for bed.
fresh face clean & clear
I didn't get this as a sample from home tester club but I have gotten it from cvs. I love it. The morning burst micro beads just awaken your skin and get you ready for your day. The night relaxing wash works well to clean my face after a long day. I have sensitive skin and both these products worked great for me and didn't leave me with any irritation.
LOve this facial wash
I currently just use the night relaxing deep cleaning face wash and it is amazing. it is supper foamy and relaxes my skin before bedtime. Haven't tried the morning burst though. Did not know about it. Will love to see what it does for myskin doing it as a daily routine.
Love both of these products!
I love the morning burst cleanser in the morning when I need to wake up. The night time cleanser if also great in the shower at night and isnt too strong for right before bed but will get all the dirt and makeup from the day off.
Love it!!
Are use this product when I don’t want to do my full facial routine. What I love about this is that it was really nice in the face in it doesn’t dry out the skin. I especially love the night time cleanser slightly more than to do the daytime plans are but the daytime cleanser feels really nice and refreshing on the skin as well as the night. What I like to do is I like to use this facial cleanser while I’m in the shower and then I’ll fire moisturizer as soon as I get out to like in that hydration this is a product that I would recommend hands-down it’s a staple but I only use it when I’m feeling lazy LOL

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