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Clean and Clear
I liked this product. It made my face feel really clean. The only reason I would give it 4 stars is that throughout the day it made my face a lot oilier than when I use my other face washes.
Good product
This is a good product, I also enjoyed the day/night difference between the two. The only thing that was disappointing was the little beads are misleading. I don’t find them useful for any exfoliating purposes.
Love love so refreshing
I bought the morning 1 as a teen but recently bought this pack and i now use everyday. The morning one is kinda citrusy and just wakes you up and makes your face feel amazing. The bedtime is so soothing like aromatherapy a destressing smell calming and it also makes your skin feel amazing! I love using these.
Love it!
It makes your skin feel great especially the morning burst. It does not irritate my skin and made my skin feel so refreshed!
Love it
I love clean and clear! This product is Amazing. Very gentle to the skin and doesn't harm or irritates my skin at all. My skin is combination of dry and o ily. So this works just fine. Try it!
I have been using clean and clear since teenage.. when I used to be in my high school since then I use clean and clear for cleansing my face and I love them very much
Lovely And Softnes
I love this product and this is my favorite. This is my best face wash.👍 It feels like a new skin and soft feeling.I recommend to buy this 👍
Love this face wash! I especially love the morning one. The fresh feeling is great. I'm not crazy about the night wash because it leaves my face feeling oily, however my husband loves this one.
Clean & Clear Day/ Night face wash 2-pack
I really love these face cleansers from clean and clear! I’ve been consistently using these products day and night and have noticed such a huge difference in my skin. The morning burst has a nice citrus scent that isn’t overpowering and the microbeads really help exfoliate the skin to rid of dirt and toxins that may be hiding in pores. The night relaxing cleansing wash has a much more calming fresh scent. This wash leaves my face feeling nice and smooth and I feel like it’s really hydrating as well.
Great cleaners, great price
These are really good for teens and adults. My son and I both use them. The different scents are great. They remove dirt, oil and makeup without stripping the skin. Highly recommend. Great price
I used to have severe acne and almost no products worked including this. I don’t know if it’s because most acne products have the same ingrediants or what. I suffered for a long time and I tried this a few times hoping for new results each time but never received them. I am giving it a few stars because of the great feeling it leaves your face feeling and the small is not bad. But I do not like the beads in it. This is an okay product may work for some but didn’t work for me.
Good Value and Good Cleansers
Clean and Clear gets associated with younger people I feel but the cleansers are really good for all ages and most skin types. I like the am/pm set and I pick this up from time to time keeping it in my cleanser rotation. Regarding the am and pm cleanser both, they are gentle but effective and clean my skin really well. It lathers up nicely and it feels like it's getting my skin clean as a massage it on my skin for a min before rinsing. It rinses off easily and doesn't leave any residue that I can feel or see behind. I've had no adverse reactions to it and my skin remains healthy, without breakout and no clogged pores. The am cleanser helps wake my skin up as it cleans it and I like that it stimulates my skin. The pm cleanser has that soothing night time scent and i find it relaxing and helps my skin destress after a long day. You won't find a better cleanser for that price. In fact this set is better than some higher price cleanser I've tried
I have been using this for years tried all most everything you can with a doctor (severely oily skin). A lot of products made my skin either super dry or still a little oily. This product is with trying!
Big fan of the dual cleanser for night / day
My teenagers shower has a set of these face washes. I love that they feel fancy with morning and night washes and their skin is truly looking much better for it. I also secretly love using it myself once in awhile, its a gentle exfoliator and so much cheaper than what is in my beauty routine.
Morning Burst
Morning Burst it great for exfoliating. I have dry skin all year round and this worked well to keep it from appearing as much.

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