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Love both of these products!
I love the morning burst cleanser in the morning when I need to wake up. The night time cleanser if also great in the shower at night and isnt too strong for right before bed but will get all the dirt and makeup from the day off.
Love it!!
Are use this product when I don’t want to do my full facial routine. What I love about this is that it was really nice in the face in it doesn’t dry out the skin. I especially love the night time cleanser slightly more than to do the daytime plans are but the daytime cleanser feels really nice and refreshing on the skin as well as the night. What I like to do is I like to use this facial cleanser while I’m in the shower and then I’ll fire moisturizer as soon as I get out to like in that hydration this is a product that I would recommend hands-down it’s a staple but I only use it when I’m feeling lazy LOL
Refreshed and clean
My daughter uses this never goes a day without it absolutely loves it it gets the dirt and sweat off from dancing and says it makes her feel refreshed
Fashion wash
I love this product it works wonders and makes my face feel good
Its a good product
I use to use this product alot when i was younger.it is very refreshing both products. Now my skin gets very dry easy so havent used it in awhile but i would recommend definitely
Love and continue to purchase as a normal routine
Love the morning burst it's like a citrus wake me up refresher, get your day started and the night wash is just a relaxing scent to not to overbearing both cleansers work well as most clean and clear products. We put this in our normal routine purchases.
Clean and clear facial cleanser
This product is absolutely great!!! It has a great smell as well it makes my face feel so refreshed!!! And very affordable I don't think that any improvements need to be made and I would recommend this product to anyone!
So fresh and so clean
I buy this product for both my wife and teenage daughter. It works great at cleaning the skin without drying it out, and the refreshing smell of the morning cleanser helps wake you up. Great product, would definitely recommend!
Haven't noticed a difference in skin
Not sure exactly what the purpose of these are. They don't do anything special for my skin. The orange one smells nice, but I want to use products that have a benefit. I do feel like my skin does get cleansed (when I don't wear makeup).
Clean and clear
I have bought these clean and clear face washes for years now. They dont dry my skin out, and I can tell how well these clean my face. I love to see how much my face gets clean in the morning when I wake up and at the end of the day before i.go. to bed 🛏️.
Nice and Refreshing!
This is definitely an eye opener in the morning with that wonderful refreshing sent! I’ve been using these day/night face cleansers for years and I dont see myself switching anytime soon. I have nice clear skin since adding this so my skin regime.
Refreshing and relaxing
I love these products especially the morning one it really feels refreshing waking up and washing your face with a citrusy smelling face wash. It leaves your face a little dry so I recommend moisturizer zing or using a serum same with the night time which I find both refreshing but relaxing I’d re purchase these over and over. I definitely recommend.
Burst of clean
I buy this over and over because I love how it makes my face feel. It's the perfect pair for day and night. I have combo skin and it really makes my skin easier to work with. Love it!
Burst of sunshine
The morning burst is my favorite between the two cleanser. Morning burst has fun little beads in for exfoliation and its a cute massage. The citrus smell was a little odd but pleasant.
Best drugstore face wash
I started using Clean & Clear Day/Night Cleanser 2-Pack, when I was just a teenager. Wow, that was many years ago!! I don't use these as often as I used to, but both are still one of my favorite drugstore facial cleansers. The morning burst consists of Bursting Beads that burst with energy, vitamins, and citrus scent that truly wakes me up. I use this on the mornings that I'm dragging and/or still tired. Surprisingly, it wakes me up and leaves my skin freshly cleansed. The night relaxing deep cleaning face wash is a foaming cleansers that completely washes away any make-up, dirt, and/or oils. It has a nice scent that's calming and kinda relaxing. It's perfect to use right before bed, after a long day at work.. I highly recommend Clean & Clear Morning Burst and Clean & Clear Night Relaxing Deep Cleaning Face Wash for teens/adults and women/men that's looking for an affordable & effective face wash.

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