Clean & Clear Hydrating/Night Cleanser 2-Pack

4.5 5 0 328 328 Clean your skin with a touch of moisture in the morning and calming aromas at night.
Clean & Clear Hydrating/Night Cleanser 2-Pack


Day Great, Night Horrible.
I bought these because they came in a convenient 2 pack, and I liked that one was for the morning and one for night. I love the Morning Burst, with the micro beads. However, the evening wash is extremely drying. Plan to have a thick, hydrating, moisturizer ready yet.
I Don’t like these two I had bought it because I needed something to wash my face emergency because I couldn’t find the one I usually use. I Don’t like these because they made my face itchy after I used these and my face was burning a little. I Don’t like the ingredients that are in this product neither.
Clean an clear
I really liked the combo. The morning one wakes up the face. My face felt clean an ready for the day an makeup. The night one calmed my skin and felt amazing and fresh. My pores were clean and ready for moisturizer. Before I applied any moisturizer my skin wasn't tight or itchy. I really recommend these.
Face cleanser
I love using this it is a big part of my everyday regimen.
Great product
Love the duo option, day and night helps keep my skin routine easy! Cleanse and refreshing, morning will wake you up, and night helps calm down, ready for sleep. Great product for price.
I try this too mach and easy to use and my skin to nice
Great Duo!
This Clean & Clear Hydrating/Night Cleanser 2-Pack is such an amazing skincare duo! Everything your skin needs and craves in one morning bottle and evening bottle. The evening scent helps get my skin ready for bed and makes my skin feel clean and refreshed!
Very refreshing
I really like both of these. I feel so refreshed after using. My skin has also been clearer since using. Great products!
Very Unique
I loved the Clean and Clear morning and night combo pack of facial cleansers. I think it is such a unique idea to have one for the morning with caffeine in it and one for night time. I do not know of other comparable cleansers that are doing this, so I see this as very unique and innovative.
Good fragrance
I tried this clear cleanser its have very strong fragrance of orange when awake and apply in morning its awaken your senses one is for morning and one for night but who has acne don’t use it I won’t recommend this for acne issues avoid it normal skin people can try
Great product
After using the morning and night time cleansers my face feels cleaner but not dry. I like that they come in a set.
Great feeling
This dual product is great. I love how it has one for morning and night. The morning care really wakes me up—it’s got a nice scent to it. And the night care smells relaxing to me. And, most importantly, it makes my skin feel great!
great idea 2 in one
I use this daily and love how you get 2 for 1 price then you dont forget oh no forgot the other one all together price is very good for the 2 of them never stop buying this
I used this for along time and this duo is amazing but i have acne prone skin .so may be thus is not for my skin .
Duo pack that works perfectly!
I absolutely love this duo pack, 1 in the morning and 1 at night! Its perfect! And keeps me on a great facial cleansing schedule. They both smell great, dont dry your skin out, isnt too harsh on the skin, and i will be a continuous customer!

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