Clean & Clear Hydrating/Night Cleanser 2-Pack

4.5 5 0 328 328 Clean your skin with a touch of moisture in the morning and calming aromas at night.
Clean & Clear Hydrating/Night Cleanser 2-Pack


Great stuff!
OK so I am addicted to skincare products lol! I have very oily/breakout prone skin, so I'm always looking for a product to fight acne and reduce shine/oiliness without making my skin feel over dry and tight. This setup right here does the trick! And I especially love that there is a daytime AND nighttime part to it. The morning cleanser smells great, kind of like citrus, and it really wakes my skin up! Definitely recommend this setup!!
Worked really well for me
Cleaning my hair nicely without drying it out . in liked the beads in it for exfoliation.
Great product
I love it. Last year, I felt some dryness in my face and then I tried clean & clear , it’s awesome.
It works
The morning burst is definitely my favorite out of the two. The scent and the beads is so refreshing. Wakes my skin right up.
In love
The morning burst face wash is my favorite thing ever! The scent is amazing and so refreshing. The little beads don’t really do anything for me but I don’t mind them
Great pair
I love this pair I have kinda dry skin with occasional hormonal break out even at age 35 and used this duo for years and it cleared my skin and didn’t leave it stripped but clean
Try something else...
The ingredients in these products are awful, they dried my skin out, felt like my skin was stripped and raw in the worse way. It caused awful blackheads and break outs. I would not recommend this. Look for something with much better ingredients, ones that are actually necessary to have in your facial cleansers, these products have a lot of unnecessary ingredients, which is probably why they treat your skin so bad. Id suggest using Cetaphil or Cera-ve if you're looking for something affordable with great benefits to your skin!!
Great duo of cleansers
I love these to keep in my shower. I use them to help keep my face clean and fresh. Morning burst of my favorite, it really helps wake me up and start off my day.
Leaves Your Skin Feeling Refreshed
This 2 for one product definitely leaves your skin feeling like new while this duo facial cleanser not only refreshes your skin from any acne or blemishes, it will also leave your skin glowing, & certainly smooth to the touch for anyone who suffers breakout prone skin concerns.
Burned My Skin
I would take my review with a grain of salt because my skin is so sensitive but these burned my skin, I had to wash it off immediately after applying, I couldn’t spread it around my skin, it burned and afterwards my skin was bright red, the at was only the morning burst, I couldn’t bring myself to try the night time one.
Great combo
I love having these products. One for the morning and one for the evening. The morning scent helps wake me up and add a little shine to my face. The evenng is nice and refreshing. Great price for the combo. Good for all skin types.
Very pleased
This is a great product and I would recommend that anyone who wants to have a nice smooth clean face to get this product. They have both day and night so you could use it at anytime it’s worth your money that you spend!
Classic Clean!
I used this cleanser combination all throughout my teenage years and always found it refreshing! Left my skin feeling fresh without being stripped of natural oils. I've since moved on to cleansers with more active ingredients and/or fragrance free but still think this cleanser combination is a classic.
Clean & Clear Duo Pack
I love this combo together. It makes it easier to get when shopping. The morning burst has these little beads in it and it leaves your face feeling so fresh and clean. The night cleanser is great and it washes away all your makeup and dirt. It does the job of an expensive cleanser but at a more affordable price.
Great for the Price
I used Clean and Clear for many many years with good success. there are better products out there but not that you will find at this price point. This is the best quality you will find in an "affordable for everyone" range.

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