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Clean & Clear Lemon Gel Cleanser
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Lemony Fresh!!!
I loved the bright citrus lemon scent of this Clean&Clear Gel Cleanser. It woke up my senses and brightened my skin. My face felt so clean, refreshed, and less oily. It rinsed off cleanly, and wasn't harsh on facial skin.
Irritated my skin
I would never use this again. I only tried it a few times because I was out of my normal CeraVe wash.this is heavily fragranced and strips all the natural oils from your face which causes you to produce more oil. My skin was very red and irritated.
This cleanser smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling so clean.
Love it
I love love love this product, I have to clean my face daily or it will freak out on me. I have tried many things and this is the thing that has worked well for me, I started to get a breakout before I bought this and it stopped it so fast. I do not actually know what type of skin I have, but this worked and I will continue to use this!!
Average daily cleanser
This cleanser is good but not great. I would recommend for anyone who doesnt have any specific skin conditions or acne. The best things about this cleanser is the scent which is a very refreshing citrus that is not overpowering and a little goes a long way. It rinses clean without leaving your face feeling tight.
Loved it,makes my face feel so good.Best face was I have ever used.
Lemon scrun
I love the lemon smell it really wakes up your face. It has just enough scub in it not to harsh just right. This product is great.
Nice cleanser. Doesn't have a strong lemon smell and doesn't sting eyes. It's bit drying for my skin but it seems to be clearing up my 11 year old's acne.
Lemony clean
This cleanser leaves my oily face feeling clean and a light lemony scent. No issues with dried out skin, and my skin is usually on the sensitive side. Would recommend!
uplifting cleanser
This is great cleanser, didn’t dry out my skin and smelled nice - like lemonade. It left my skin soft and smooth. I like the design and colour of the bottle, very uplifting and that it has vitamin C in it. #gotitfree #freeproduct
i recently bought clean & clears lemon gel clenser and the smell is better than i thought it would be . Its good to use first thing in the morning or at night .
Lemon clean
I enjoyed washing my face with the lemon cleanser. It felt clean and residue free.
Smells great
I bought this because it was new and I love the scent of lemons. I know that lemon juice is good for your skin and so is Vitamin C. It is a nice pump container. It is clear and smells great. You only need a small amount. It has a nice lather. It feels really silky on your skin when washing it! Face feels clean, smooth and soft after washing. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is I have only used a week.
Lemon hmmmm
I really think lemons a unique favor... Looks like Im going definitely love it
I loved the smell, and the way it made my skin feel but,,
I received this from Home Tester Club as a free trial. I have been using it for two weeks now, I really loved it at first but now I wouldn't use it as much. It cleans super deep. I love the smell and it cleans really well and doesn't over dry at first but at about three minutes after you've dried your face you can feel it drying even more. I would say with a really good moisturizer ( one I haven't found yet) it would be perfect. I am going to continue to use it once or twice a week. It would be great for someone with super oily skin.

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