Clear Eyes - Contact Lens Multi-Action Relief Eye Drops

4.8 5 0 123 123 Formulated to moisten and clear lenses. Helps remove particulate matter. Up to 8 hours of soothing comfort
Clear Eyes - Contact Lens Multi-Action Relief Eye Drops


Clearer Eyes Quick
If you have problems with dryness when wearing contacts, these are a great, inexpensive solution. My daily contacts frequently dry out throughout the day and have literally fallen out of my eyes on several occasions (NOT fun). I have had prescription drops because my contacts were so dry they actually caused bumps under my eyelids. Instead of renewing my prescription, I tried these cheaper drops and they work great! No more bumps or dryness! Only complaint is that I wish I did not have to use it as frequently because it doesn’t last for more than a couple hours. Still better than the pain of dry eyes though!!
Very effective
Very effective for my dry and red eyes. It take just a few minutes to feel the relief
clear eye
Yes i buy this when i have a red eye very good it take away the redness.
This is something that comes in handy for someone who suffers during allergy season. This provides great relief and takes the red out
Better than my Refresh
I used this product also along with my Refresh brand drops. I leave my contacts in overnight and would wake up with irritation in my eye. I used the Clear Eyes after using the Refresh, which would take the irritation away. I use it regularly. It's a lifesaver. I plan to buy it again.
Always there when you need it
Clear eyes Contact lens relief gave me 12 hours of lubrication and moisturizing so I can get through the day with clear, clean, non-irritated eyes. A must have in everyone's purse, pocket, and home. Works really fast.
Great for when my eyes are red or they’re itching it works instantly to relieve the irritation in my eyes & it’s not to cold like the other drops can be would definitely recommend!
Great for contact wearers
I’ve tried lots of drops because I tend to get dry & irritated eyes working on a computer all day. Many actually irritate my eyes more because I wear contacts but this one is specially formulated for people like me & I love how well it works!!
Great product which reduces eye strain, tiredness, Red Eyes... Just Good Overall Relief
Eye relief
I wear contact lenses and sometimes the redness can be unbearable. I have used this drops and it has changed my everyday life
My go to
Clear eyes is my go to brand for eye redness/itchiness/etc. not only does it work better than most brands, it’s also way more affordable than any brands that compare!
More frequent than needed
For someone who has dry eyes, and enjoys my extended wear contacts : I used the drops a bit more frequently and to me they lubricated for a little while but it was just a temporary fix to my dry eyed problem.
Eases eye discomfort
I suffer from dry eyes and this always eases my eye discomfort in a pinch. I like how it’s affordable and gets the job done. 5 stars from me!
Good for dryness
I recently tried Clear Eyes Contact Lens Multi-Action Relief Eye Drops and I am happy with the results. The eye drops are effective at relieving dryness and irritation caused by contact lenses, and they work quickly to provide relief. The formula is gentle and does not cause any stinging or discomfort when applied. It also helps to remove protein build-up on the contact lenses, which is a great added benefit. The packaging is also convenient and easy to use, with a secure cap that prevents spills and leaks. However, I found that the drops can be a bit runny, so it's important to be careful when applying them.
I have really bad itchy eyes and when I use this product they are better for a good 10 hrs. I don’t leave the house without them.

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