Clif Bar Coffee Collection Vanilla Almond Latte

4.5 5 0 189 189 Creamy vanilla-flavored coffee blended with crunchy, chocolate-covered organic coffee beans, white mocha chunks, and roasted almonds to give you a craveably delicious boost of energy. Crafted with sustainably sourced, organic coffee beans from Colombia, new CLIF Coffee Collection Energy Bars are available in three invigorating flavors: Vanilla Almond Latte, Caramel Macchiato, or Dark Chocolate Mocha.
Clif Bar Coffee Collection Vanilla Almond Latte


Tastes good.
Tastes decent, does the trick. I like variety and Cliff has enough decent flavors to make it worthwhile. This is one of them.
CLIF is great
I always buy these to eat in my job. I like the taste and easy to bite. The almonds are very crunchy and yummy. I like buying them and would recommend. They are sold in packs, so they last long.
These taste amazing!
Great tasting vanilla coffee flavor granola bars. All of my family loved them. Even my kids.
I Dont Even Like Coffee
I dont even like coffee but I love these, I love the pick me up that they give with the caffeine content that they have, they are so delicious, don't upset your stomach like many coffee drinks can. I would recommend.
My favorite cliff bar so far!
I love coffee and I love cliff bars! These are so delicious! I love the coffee beans. I always keep cliff bars in my car for snacking on the go. These are my new favorite!
Very bitter after taste, similar to a very dark brew coffee.
Super yum
I love the Clif Bar Coffee Collection in the Vanilla Almond Latte flavor. This tastes like my favorite coffee drink but with the protein. These are nice and portable for eating on the go.
Loved it!!
I love that ths3 have simple ingredients and high protein levels!! This coffee one was moms favorite!!! So easy to grab and go for a busy mom or just anyone who has a busy schedule but needs to fuel their body!!!
A Boost of Organic Energy with great flavor
I love many items Clif Bar puts out, so I tried the Vanilla Almond Latte Coffee Collection. Great Organic boost of energy from Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans, 9g protein from plant based products. Everything in the ingredient list is identifiable. I felt the carbs were a little high at 44g but the sources were acceptable. 19g sugar.
Elegant flavors with a caffeine boost.
Getting some more of these. I typically use Clif bars as a quick and easy breakfast. I like all three of the flavors in this variety pack, though like all Clif bars they are a little sweet for my taste. I probably like the caramel flavor best, too bad they're only three in the box, which seems odd. I found the caffeine noticeable in a pleasant way, I could survive with these if the coffee machine was broken.
Better than the normal bars!
These are better than the regular cliff bars with the added coffee flavor. If you like coffee and find the other cliff bars a bit dull, you'll like these!
These are my favorite protein bars! They really taste like coffee too! You can really taste the coffee and vanilla. I love all the different flavors. I highly recommend anyone to try these!
I like clif bars but loved this flavor! The coffee collection of flavors is excellent! They are tasty and filling!
Coffee Vanilla Almond Latte Cliff Bar
It is a good taste for people who enjoy Coffee. If you do not like Coffee you won’t enjoy this because it had a very strong coffee taste.
great taste
Bought these because the name intrigued me, hoped it would taste as good as it sounded. I was very happy to find that it was even better than I thought, loved the combination of almonds, chocolate and coffee

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