Clinique For Men Cream Shave

4.9 5 0 41 41 Clinique For Men Cream Shave is a rich, lathering shave cream that leaves skin sleek, smooth, and comfortable.
Clinique For Men Cream Shave


excellent shaving product
This cream has a delicate texture, without a strong smell, it is good for my sensitive skin.
My husband loves it !
I love Clinique products it’s all what I used, I decided to give to my husband the whole set , including the shaving cream. He loves it ! His skin feels soft and healthy. Now it’s a must !
One of the best I've tried
Honestly this is one of, if not the best, shaving products I've tried. It goes on very smooth and don't dry out quick. It's easily removed from areas with a damp cloth and light wipe. No scrubbing to remove. Also, it leaves your skin feeling hydrated and smooth, with no irritation. It has a light pleasant smell that's not too strong or overpowering. All in all, this will be my go to shave product. Only problem I have with it is not getting a big enough container. Wish they had bigger sizes.
Husband's new daily skincare routine
My husband never had skincare routine until I bought him Clinique's line for men. He tried it and he absolutely was amazed at how his face felt. He uses it daily and religiously now. He tells all his friends and I have mine too. Clinique has very high quality products and this one does not disappoint.
My new favorite!
Clinique For Men Cream Shave is my new favorite shaving product! It's way better than any other gel, foam and even cream that I've tried. It helps the razor glide clost to my skin, and also avoiding any cuts or post razor bumps. The Clinique for men cream shave also leaves my skin feeling more hydrated.
Great lather and smooth skin!
This has been my go-to shave cream for a while now. It has enough lather and lubrication that I never get any razor burn or nicks on my skin when I use it. I have only used it on my beard area, but I'm sure it would be great for body hair as well. It doesn't seem to have a scent, which is good if you have sensitive skin. That also helps so it doesn't clash with your cologne. Overall, it's an excellent product that I recommend!
Easy shaving
It works great for shaving definitely better than any foam or gel that I've used.
Great product
I bought this for my husband and he absolutely loved it!! This product left his face feeling soft and smoothe unlike other products that left his face feeling sticky. Will be buying more !!
Skin Feels Amazing After
The Clinique Shave cream is amazing. Its always in my bathroom closet. It has a great lather... Its smooth... Easy to apply. And how your skin feels after this is amazing. I've honestly never used a product that beats how my skin feels after using this. Its really that good.
Clinique For Men Cream Shave
It has Rich, lathering cream that leaves my skin feeling sleek, smooth and very comfortable. Ideal for my dry skin without leaving any irritations and very easy to apply to my skin and very portable
Doesn't get better then this
I absolutely love this product. Although it's for men, as a woman I love it and I also love it on my husband as well. It works so well, smells absolutely amazing and makes your skin feel like a million dollars!
Hubby loves it
I mostly buy this for my husband because it's his favorite. His face after shaving is always soft and smooth. Sometimes when i want to pamper myself I use it to shave my legs. I get a really nice close shave and my skin feels soft after.
Worth every penny spent.
I`ve bought it for my husband and his evaluation: Without a doubt, it is a high performance product, excellent for shaving. I've tried different types of shaving gel/foam, from national to imported products, from the best brands, but Clinique's shaving gel really stands out as one of my favorites. Worth every penny spent.
Great shave cream. Leaves skin soft afterwards. Helps with a smooth shave.
Nice for sensitive skin
Bought it for my husband who has sensitive skin, and he really enjoy this product it helps him achieve a smooth shave and It reduces razor burn. Highly recommended

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