4.9 5 0 354 354 Clorox Anywhere Wipes are gentle enough to use around kids, pet areas and food contact surfaces but powerful enough to destroy tough messes.
Clorox Anywhere Wipes, Fragrance-Free
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Effective in Sterilizing and getting stains out.
It's almost like a wipe soaked in bleach, it gets the stains out and leaves behind a clean and sanitized surface, very effective in getting those hard to scrub stains out.
Good product
Products of excelent price very nice from my family . I recommended a friend and family
Clorox wipes
I love trying out cleaning products because I clean constantly every week. I have three children and two dogs so the house is always messy. These products are always a must try. Although I did not like how much quantity I had to use in one load, I thought it was ok. Clorox
Great Cleaner
Clorox in my opinion is the best cleaner. It covers most viruses and bacteria. It is easy to use and most of all it has that clean smell once you're finished. It is great and cleans wonderfully. I recommend Clorox anywhere wipes because they are the best wipe on the market.
Handiest of wipes
Fabulous product use it everytime when come home. Also keep some in a pouch in my purse when gettimg into the car use the wipes on my face, hands, cell phone etc. N
Love it
I love these wipes. I know a surface us clean when I use these.
I love to clean
Love it cleans like a pro and disinfects everything i have a 1 year old that loves to teeth on everything so i whipe it clean
Its ok
I gave 3 stars because i honestly dont use it often. I did manage to find this product in bulk at Costco about a year ago and still have a ton left over. I like to wipe my door knobs/ fridge handle down with it mostly
Clorox wipes
The last time I bought these I found them on sale! I use them for my kitchen countertops! They are these best cleaner for messy countertops! No mesh residue & gets the job ddone!
I love that this is baby safe and pupper safe, too!
Absolute favorite
I love Clorox wipes, they are very convenient and perfect on the go to keep everything around us disinfected including items as well. I have been using these for years and would continue recommending these.
Take them everywhere!
I absolutely love the convenience for these! Especially for what is going on now. Can even leave them in the car!
It’s Clorox. Do I need to say more?
Ah, Clorox wipes. I have always loved you but took you for granted for many years. Then, when I couldn’t find you anymore because of the pandemic I missed you. Oh, how I missed you. When you started appearing on shelves again, the joy I felt was overwhelming. I will never take you for granted again.
Professional cleaning company
I own a professional detail cleaning company. We work for many realtors, and a lot of very high end homes and even for some very well known people. The surfaces in homes in these grand homes MUST be safe for many many different surfaces (granite, wood, tile, copper, brass, brushed nickel, marble, and so many other very high end surfaces! We dilute this product in a bucket with warm water (just a little) and it cleans beautifully, smells great and does not damage these high end surfaces! We love this product!
I 💕 these, they are SOOOO convenient! And they do the job. I like it for easy access, when yr on the go. I would prefer mine to smell, like clorox.. lol, I luv the bleach smell

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