4.9 5 0 195 195 Clorox Anywhere Wipes are gentle enough to use around kids, pet areas and food contact surfaces but powerful enough to destroy tough messes.
Clorox Anywhere Wipes, Fragrance-Free
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Corona Favorite
I have used them for every thing! Counters, door handles, steering wheel, car seats.....you name it and I bet I've wiped it down!💗
Clorox Anywhere Wipes, Fragrance-Free. These work really well
Son los mejores a la hora de desinfectar. Lo uso para las tiendas casa y para desinfectar el carro. Definitivamente es el artículo de más uso diario.
Buen producto
Muy bueno para desinfectar las superficies , pero ahora no tenemos en el mercado
I live by these wipes they work great I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them I use them at work,home I even use them to wipe down the inside of my cars. They don’t need any changes
Cloris Wipes
Very handy and helpful..Great product. Works well . I Always try to keep some around.You can clean and disinfect anything, anywhere wouldn't change anything about Clorox wipes.
Great wipes
Loved that they were more moist then most other products. They clean up very well
Clorox Anywhere Wipes
Clorox Anywhere Wipes Are Great!!! I'm a teacher and little hands always are getting dirty especially in the art room where I teach. Clorox wipes seem to clean and sanitize the tables chairs and everything else to my satisfaction.
With Clorox anywhere wipes you have the assurance that what you're cleaning is not just clean, but disinfected as well. Be aware that contact with clothes could bleach out spots, but when used correctly, the surfaces you use Clorox wipes on will be better than clean, they'll be disinfected as well. I would recommend these to anyone, especially mom's with young kids!
So Good
I love these. We actually use these at my workplace. I use them for the tops of our counters, bedside tables, nightstands, and doorknobs. I love the smell to. I highly recommend this.
Effective gentle cleaning wipe
These Clorox anywhere wipes clean effectively, but do not dry out your skin or leave chemical residue. They also come in a fresh scent which I really like. I recommend these for everyday cleaning.
Love it
These wipes are great to use at home, in the car, or wherever you go. Cleans and disinfects at the same time.
Clorox Anywhere Wipes
Fabulous. Never know who or what may have been in the surface. So much illness people not washing their hands, pollutants in the air settling on things. Yes I definitely would
Clean your whole life!
I LOVE CLOROX WIPES. You can wipe your counters, floors, toilets, sinks, tables, walls, kids, wife...ya whole life! Not, but really, I love them. They are super handy. No spraying and wasting paper towels. They're always wet enough and do a good amount of cleaning. I've literally bought a tub and did my entire kitchen floor to get that clean clean. Scented or Unscented, They have several options. We always have multiple tubs in stock at our house! My go-to to clean just about anything.
Anywhere clean
Clorox Anywhere Wipes can be used anywhere in the home, the office, in schools, or in the car. These guys go anywhere with you and give you the powerful clean that you need. I like that they are also a disinfectant. You can use these to wipe down doors, windows, walls, door knobs, counters and so on. They also are safe around the kiddos and pets, but yet they are powerful enough to get rid of the dirt and grime that those pets and kiddos leave behind. They are fragrance free so there is no smell left behind whn you use them on counter tops that come in contact with food, making these powerful wipes good for anything and anywhere you go.

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