Clorox Disinfecting Wet Mopping Cloths

4.8 5 0 180 180 CLOROX DISINFECTING WET MOPPING CLOTHS: Bring the trusted cleaning and disinfection power of Clorox to your floors with the light scent of Clean Rain. CLEANS DISINFECTS AND SANITIZES: Kills 99.9% of viruses* and bacteria, including COVID-19* Virus, with the power of Clorox clean and freshens with a subtle, fresh scent
Clorox Disinfecting Wet Mopping Cloths


Clorox mop cleaner
I absolutely love these so easy to use. Make me feel good to know floors are clean and disinfected . Great
Awesome Product
This is way better then Swifter! It cleans your floors great and leaves them smelling like they are actually clean. Definitely a fan of product!
Wonderful product
It is the very best clesner that I hava every things I have used and I would buy it forver
Clorox Disinfecting Mop Cloths
I really love these! They are thick, absorbant & come in different scents.
Works well
Easy to use daily! Works well! Happy with this purchase! Use all the time for our floors!
Gets job done
It does pretty good, but at times I didn't feel like floor was clean. Not my ch of clorox smell.. but me, I prefer swifter
I have all hardwood floors and love using these! They make me feel confident that my floors are clean!
Must have product for busy mom's!
I couldn't live without my SWIFFER! BUT in this day and age it's still even hard to find DISINFECTING Wet Mop attachable cloths to clean with, so these clorox ones are a must have for my family! I love how easy they are to just throw on my wet mop and how quick it is to not only clean my floors but disinfect as well! Definitely recommend to anyone who likes a clean house! I love how they leave my floor shining and smelling great!!
These clorox disinfectant floor wipes work excellent. Easy-to-use, just attach to swiffer and go. They smell so good. Really gets into hard to reach areas.
Clean Floors
I use these at work. They have a fresh scent and floor gets very clean & disinfectant at the same time. Doesn't make the floor sticky!
Trap n disinfect
I love this floor wipes, its perfect in for clean up spills and give the floor a quick mop. It's also perfect for anyone has a little one because it's give you peace of mind the floor is clean. Also, the scent is great,nice and fresh.
It makes cleaning so much easier .I buy these every time I go to the store.
Have clean fresh smelling floors
Clorox disinfecting wet mopping cloths are wonderful they are very easy to use and no mess to clean up. They leave a fresh smell in your home. Great to clean up after rainy days muddy floors from pets or children
Great for bathroom floors
I really love these so much more than they regular floor wipes. They are so much cleaner. And when you are talking about the bathroom, you want the floors as clean as possible.
Above and Beyond Clean
Love these wipes, especially with a large wood floor. Keeps the floors clean without filmy residue or streaks. Clean fresh smell that last a long time. Easy to use!

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