Clorox Disinfecting Wet Mopping Cloths

4.9 5 0 453 453 CLOROX DISINFECTING WET MOPPING CLOTHS: Bring the trusted cleaning and disinfection power of Clorox to your floors with the light scent of Clean Rain. CLEANS DISINFECTS AND SANITIZES: Kills 99.9% of viruses* and bacteria, including COVID-19* Virus, with the power of Clorox clean and freshens with a subtle, fresh scent
Clorox Disinfecting Wet Mopping Cloths


So fresh and so clean
I'm definitely a fan of these wipes. They are easy to use and convenient. Make the house smell great and are affordable. I'd give them a try you won't be disappointed!
Clean and fresh
I love how well this product works and makes the house smell so fresh and clean.
It works and smells great
I use these on the kitchen floor as well as the bathroom floors. They clean really good and leave a fresh scent, much better smelling than their competitive brand. As a hint, I have a spray small bottle of Bona and spray the cloth if it dries out before I'm finished. This is a great product. I don't buy any other brand.
Love them
Kills 99% of germs! This product is very easy to use. Place new pad on mop head. Thankfully its not like your typical mopping where you need to wring it out every time. Just pull it off and toss in trash. Pads come pretty well saturated and does my floors with just 1 pad.
Yes great
Yes this is a must have. I use these to get the dirt and yuck off the floor. Simple to use. Just slap it on and go best part is when your done Toss it
These floor wipes are so great, one wipe is enough for my whole tile floor and I have a huge space with tile, cleans so well
Living up to Clorox Name
Wonderful Cleanup and convenient! Fits the mop I already have.
In the world we live in now with Covid I started using these. I love the way they clean and feel secure that everything is germ free!!
It's Clorox Clean
This is my favorite product to use when cleaning rental units. I can use these wipes on the floors, walls, and shelving. Scent is not overwhelming like bottled bleach, these are very durable, and last almost for an entire room. I do prefer the Scentiva ones overall. Would definitely recommend this product for anyone with a stick cleaner.
Best there is
If you want your floor clean and smelling good + germ free!
This product is so quick and easy to use. Not like your typical mopping where you need to wring it out every time. Just pull it off and throw away. It also smells amazing and comes in a variety of fragrances!
Does the trick
These are super easy to put on and do a really good job cleaning my floors. I love knowing that it gets all of the dirt and bacteria.
Clorox wipes
smells amazing, works very well n leaves my floors sparkling clean
Works very well
Smells good and also feels very clean and easy to use.
Clorox Wet Mopping Cloths
What could be easier then using these cloths! Just wipe and go, very convenient, and smells great as well!

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