Clorox Scentiva Bathroom Foam Cleaner - Foaming Aerosol Multi-Surface Cleaner

4.7 5 0 196 196 Clorox Scentiva Bathroom Foam Cleaner in the amazing Scentiva scent of Pacific Breeze & Coconut, deodorizes and disinfects leaving your bathroom sparkly clean.
Clorox Scentiva Bathroom Foam Cleaner - Foaming Aerosol Multi-Surface Cleaner


Love Clorox Scentiva!
I love this foam cleaner. I had my doubts, but was so suprised because it does smell good. I wondered if it smelt good was I compromising on it's ability to clean, but that isn't an issue. It smells good AND cleans well. I ran out and looked for this in the store yesterday. When I couldn't find it I was actually disappointed, which has never happend over a cleaning product before. I didn't buy a replacement. I just ordered it online. There is no substitute now.
Cleans great!
This foaming cleaner works great. Cleans the shower with ease plus it smells great. Plus Clorox is a trusted safe brand.
used for everything
I bought this cleaner to try and absolutely loved how it smelled and the fact that it cleaned anything quickly as I have a 3 and 4 year old in my home that love to create messes.
great cleaner
I love how well this works in the bathroom. and the scent is great. I am able to spray wipe and done, while leaving a great scent that doesn't smell like a chemical spill.
Love this cleaner
I love this clorox cleaner. It doesn't smell bad and it foams really well. I lit the way it cleans as well as disinfected. I don't think it could be any better and I would definitely recommend!
This product not only cleans and disinfectants extremely well, it smells SUPER AMAZING! It makes my bathroom smell so good and inviting, as well as clean and sanitary! Is would definitely recommend this to anyone who may ask.
I love a good foam cleanser! I love it so much its so satisfying to spray and watch it literally clean.. My sprayed my tub with this stuff, left it for a bit and then scrubbed it down and it made my bathtub so clean and white again.
Never going without this!
I have an arsenal of cleaning supplies in my home as I have two daughters, a fiance and a cat so the messes can get insane. A lot of scented products give me a headache after long enough use but this is heavenly. This literally takes me away to the beach while i'm cleaning toilets! It does a great job and a little goes a long way so you def get your monies worth.I hope they never discontinue this.
Great Product
I was very happy with this product. The scent wasn't too strong and I like the foaming action of the cleaner. It seemed to have picked up most of the mildew and water scum when I washed it off.
Clorox Scentiva Bathroom Foam Cleaner!
The Clorox Scentiva Bathroom Foam Cleaner - Foaming Aerosol Multi-Surface Cleaner is an amazing bathroom cleaner and I love to use it daily. To remove soap scum or any surface to be cleaned, I just have to shake the can and spray 6-8 inches from surface to be cleaned. Then I allow foam to penetrate heavily soiled areas, then wipe or rinse, and I repeat as necessary.
Clorox Scentiva
I love the smell of this cleaner and love that its a foam and cleans well and i believe anything with clorox is amazing and really does the job for me and also the coconut smell leaves my house smelling great.
I love the smell this product leaves your bathroom as it makes it smell refreshing! As well the cleaning effectiveness of the original product has not been compromised. Makes cleaning easier and exceeds my expectations.
Smells and cleans great.
It worked wonders on my shower curtain, without much scrubbing and left the bathroom smelling great.
Love the smell
I absolutely love this product. It has a very nice soft smell that is not too harsh while cleaning. It is very effective cleaning the shower walls. Hard to find in my area though.
Awesome product!
This is my go to for bathroom cleaner. Its just so easy to use and makes cleaning so much easier. Everything smells wonderful when Im done too! Highly recommend for in home and professional cleaning as I do that as well.

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