4.7 5 0 134 134 Clorox Scentiva Multi Surface Cleaner cleans and kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria throughout your home, leaving behind a fabulous Tuscan Lavender and Jasmine scent.
Clorox Scentiva Tuscan Lavender & Jasmine Milti-Surface Cleaner
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No harsh smell
If you haven't tried this product please do yourself a favor and try it. It cleans well and in my opinion smells much better than other cleaners
Good smell & works well!
This has a really pleasant smell, although it still has a bleach odor to it. Foams nicely & does the trick!
Too strong of a smell
I am allergic to the smell of regular bleach. I try to use scented bleach or bleach alternatives. The smell of the Clorox Scentiva was over powering. I cleaned a small portion of my kitchen and had to stop to open the windows.
So fresh and so clean
I loved this product it worked great and I could use it on all surfaces. I love the smell too!
It works, but I honestly feel Mr Clean is a much better product.
Use this stuff alot
I actually use this stuff to clean the bathrooms! It works great at our fire station where the men are definitely stinky sometimes! Clorox has out done themselves with a great disinfectant that smells great too!
It smells awesome.
I don’t like Jasmine and was so skeptical when l received a sample of this product! And I was surprised how nice it is, I started enjoying cleaning because from now on it associates with this amazing scent!!! It’s really really good!
Great smell
This works very well to clean and smells really good. I like how it doesn’t have a strong chemical smell.
I LOVE this scent
I can't bring myself to use regular Clorox fter smelling this. I get excited to clean because I know that my room/house will smell incredible. It's great to have a product that cleans well, but it's priceless to have a product that cleans well and freshens so intensely.
Great smelling!
Overall i really enjoy this multi surface cleaner. It works great on my countertops in my kitchen and doesnt leave a over powering smell. Cleans effectively as long as i use a counter friendly scrubby.i buy it on a regular basis and feel this brand is a everyday go to with toddlers making messes.
This product cleans very well and it smells amazing.. would recommend highly
I like
These clorox.cleaners are great for thr bathroom. I feel cinfident thst my surfaces are being cleaned all the way. The new wcebts help a lot too becsude it foes nit just smell like clorox. This scebt in particular is my fsvorite. I definitly recomend this clorox.spray.
clorox surface cleaner
this is a great product it cleans well and it dose a great job I use in the bathroom and in the kitchen on countertops I really enjoy the cleaning power and the grease on the stove top comes right off
Great for offices
I use this product to sanitize my desk and telephone at work. It smells so good but it’s not overwhelming. Would be nice to have this in a travel size for cruises or vacations.
Another great product by Clorox!
I absolutely love this product! I have used clorox wipes for a long time, but this is just as wonderful! I use it all over my house! The smell is great, but the product is just as good! I can spray my counters and know they are cleaned and disinfected! I love this new scent as lavender is such a calming scent! So grateful I tried this product especially since it can also be used for some quick clean ups when you have a dog or kids!

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