4.5 5 0 200 200 Clorox Urine Remover for Stains and Odors removes tough stains and deep odors from both hard and soft surfaces.
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Great for pet accidents
Recently, our family which included 3 dogs found ourselves in need of this type of product. One of our dogs became ill with bone cancer and was not always able to go for walks or even make it out to the backyard in time. This product was a lifesaver. It was so convenient to use and worked great. It took up any stains and left the room smelling back to normal. I would recommend it to other pet owners.
Clorox Urine Remover
After stumbling into this in Walmart I was bit curious as it's not only from the makers of all great products but was geared towards well pet urine. While our dog is fully trained there are occasional accidents -- didn't think this warranted another cleanser but I went for it. It works - leaves no traces of smelling too strong and no trace of dog urine. Great product, cleanses and deodorizes any trace of pet urine with ease. Glad I found it.
Great for kid and pet messes
I have toddlers and a puppy, so I go through this stuff! It’s great not only for urine but it will get the vomit smell and stains out as well! Sam’s club has a great deal on it!
Great cleaner
Cleans up pet stains. Awesome product. Easy to use.
great product
acted fast to remove odor upon clean-up. no harsh chemical or bleach smell when used, did the job i needed!
The walls
This product is pretty good at removing the spots that are left when someones son isn't quite right. Good for spots on the toilet, tile floor and even the walls. I just wish this product came in a different scent.
Great for bed wetters
This product is amazing. My son is a bed wetter. He has been for 6 years. I found this product about 2 years ago and I fell in love with it. It has a clean smell and does the trick.
Easy to use
I usually have to put something in my carpet cleaner but I only sprayed this on the spots I needed and let it sit for a few minutes before using the carpet cleaner. I used this on puppy accidents! It really does work!
I like it
Product works pretty well definitely destroys the odor and most of the stains.
Great for urine oder
If you have men or children living in your home, this is a MUST!!! I have tried many products but none seem to get ride of urine smell like Clorox Urine! This also does not have a super strong chemical smell.
There is always some sort of urine smell in the house with two boys and a dog! The dog is worse, and this spray is a savior in my house. Due to the sheer amount on my walls/furniture I also use a Clorox lemon spray along with it (it doesn't stain and neither does the accompanying spray) and it IMMEDIATELY freshens not only the item but the room smells better as well!
Great Stuff
Between a puppy and my potty training son, I feel like I am always cleaning up someone’s urine. My mother-in-law suggested this so I got it and I am so happy that I did! It takes away the odor and I feel like it really cleans up the messes. I’m a happy customer!
Great product.
This stuff works great. I had to use it when I was working at a Legion, cleaning bathrooms, urinals and kitchens. This stuff worked great at removing grime and dried pee and it smells better than regular bleach. I'd recommend this product if you want to use a better smelling bleach and something that really cleans what you're needing to clean.
Amazing on stains & toilet
I purchased this out of sheer curiosity. I am so glad I did!!! I used the whole bottle in only a couple weeks. I have a very large dog who sometimes can't hold his bladder and this has been a carpet saver!!! I have also used this on a few other pet stains (not urine) and it has helped with the carpet discolorations. The toilets in my apartment are old and stained and I never thought they would look new. Will definitely purchase again.
Comparable to expensive brands in pet stores
I purchased this on a whim when I was out of natures miracle urine destroyer. I have two chihuahuas who just do whatever they want on my carpet and I’m constantly running behind them to clean up. I used this product on my carpet and it was the easiest clean up I’ve ever had! Spray, wait, Blot up- urine gone! Unlike other brands, you don’t have to waste a lot of the product buy pouring it on to soak the stain. I also really Appreciated that this doesn’t have an overpowering fragrance with it. This removed stains and smells in minutes, and worked great on hard surfaces too without leaving any residue behind. I will be replacing my regular, more expensive brand witj the Clorox, as it works just as well at more than half the cost!

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