4.5 5 0 75 75 Coffee mate natural bliss® Oat Milk Coffee Creamer Vanilla Flavor brings a rich, delicious vanilla flavor to your morning cup. It’s made with real oat milk, cane sugar, and natural vanilla flavor.
Coffee Mate natural bliss® Vanilla Oat Milk
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Coffee Mate
Coffee Mate natural bliss Vanilla Oat Milk is awesome. I love vanilla and it makes my coffee taste great
Oat milk
This creamer made with oat milk is great in my morning coffee. I find it’s not as sweet as my traditional French vanilla dairy creamer, but it still gives my coffee a creamy hint of sweetness
Liked it
Im a fan of oat milk and thought id try this for my tea and coffee, really liked it in the assam and black teas but in the coffee it was kind of weak. I do like my coffee like a candy bar so maybe its just me.
just add water to your coffee
im not fan of oat milk in general but i tried this and it was NOT good. i threw half of it out it was that bad. don't waste your money or calories on it.
Delicious and creamy
I’m a tea drinker. This is perfect in black tea. It is not too sweet and is perfectly creamy. I like both the oat and almond products that are offered by Natural Bliss. They have a great variety of standard and seasonal flavors.
Great milk alternative
I really like the availability of this particular creamer. Though it is not my favorite brand, I am happy with it and it's flavor. Oat milk in general has become my go-to "milk". Natural Bliss can be found in most stores, and is smooth and creamy to add to my coffee/tea.
Loved it
love to drink coffee every morning, I always like to mix it with cream I love all flavor of creams but this oatmeal with vanilla oh my God this wakes up my day, I love it I love its flavor they are delicious I recommend it.🥰
me encanta mucho endulzar mi cafe con esta agradable leche con sabor a vainilla es muuy natural agradable para consumir no es tan dulce peor para mi gusto esta mas que perfecto
Creamer Heaven
This creamer is creamy and tasty. Everything you want in a creamer! So good..
Forever Oatmilk
I like trying new products but wasn’t sure at first about this one and boy am I glad I did.. it is simply delicious and I even crave it!
Great creamy milk alternative
I love that coffee mate makes affordable natural creamers, especially the milk alternatives! I am lactose intolerant and it can be hard to find creamers that taste good and are affordable. I would highly recommend the vanilla oak milk creamer, it's sweet, creamy and smooth!
I like this creamer, I love that it's non gmo. It makes coffee taste great
Not really my favorite
It was certainly worth a try, but I wouldn't buy it again. It didn't really have much flavor but I liked that they tried something new and different. Of course, some may just love it. You never know!
I thinkthis a good thing for cofee creamer. I really like the powerfulness of sweet
recently purchased this on a target run, it was amazing and exceed my expectations

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