4.6 5 0 81 81 Coffee mate natural bliss® Oat Milk Coffee Creamer Vanilla Flavor brings a rich, delicious vanilla flavor to your morning cup. It’s made with real oat milk, cane sugar, and natural vanilla flavor.
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Best ever
In love with this cream.... will continue buying it
It was delicious. Creamy, I would definitely buy it again
Coffee mate vanilla oat milk
I was informed by my doctor not to drink cows milk but I love milk especially on my cereal so this vanilla oak milk is kidney friendly and delicious and approved by my doctor and nutritious
Delicious Creamer
This coffee creamer tastes rich and delicious. It is not too sweet and it is blissfully all natural.
Super good taste
I was worried when I first got this I only bought because I had a coupon and was afraid it was going to have a blanket taste to it but it was actually very delicious and not too sweet which is an issue I often have with creamers I buy. I will buy again coupon or not
Creamy Vanilla Oat Creamer
I am so glad that I tried this because it's my new favorite! It is so creamy and the Vanilla flavor is superb. I would definitely recommend it and I will be buying it again!
I bought this out of curiosity and I was really surprised how good it is! Nice flavor and very creamy
Great alternative
Better than others it taste great with my coffee I
I’ve been trying to avoid dairy as my body isn’t tolerating lactose well anymore , I’ve tried almond milk not my fave but I’ve recently fallen in love with oat milk ! This creamer was so good! I’ve used it in tea’s coffee and even a splash in my oatmeal
Oat & Milk Creamer
It was Natural and smooth to be a creamer. It is a rich natural vanilla flavor that wakes up any cup of Java.
#Oat Milk Creamer
I love ❤️ this product it tastes so good. Pros: Very healthy for you with all natural ingredients. May be good for dieting because I stayed full. A lot of creamers can make you get an upset stomach The flavor is tasty. I would highly recommend this product to friends and family and of course my friends @Home Tester Club.
Love it
Great product - love the taste and consistency . Tastes just like regular coffee creamer. Cannot recommend enough!
This is quite yummy! Really good quality product, it's so delicious and the oat taste is amazing. I would definitely recommend this product
Just oaty
Just for context I do normally drink Colombian roast coffees. I feel like this would be good with a flavored coffee. I didnt like the oat flavor so I did have to add some other flavoring to be able to finish the bottle. I dont see myself purchasing oat creamer.
Love the oaty vanilla flavor, really enhances my cup of coffee.

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