4.5 5 0 78 78 Coffee mate natural bliss® Oat Milk Coffee Creamer Vanilla Flavor brings a rich, delicious vanilla flavor to your morning cup. It’s made with real oat milk, cane sugar, and natural vanilla flavor.
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Love it
I love this. It is so much better than powered or regular milk. I also love the regular milk in a quart size. Glad there is now a coffee specific version as I was using the competitor's quart oat milk before.
This is a very creamy, flavorful product. I preferred this over my usual brand/flavor.
I tried this creamer a few days ago and What a game changer!! Tastes creamy, only needs a tiny bit to make coffee taste Wonderful and it doesn't have that nasty after TASTE that most healthy products do. Will buy again.
Oat Coffee Mate
Compared to other Coffee Mate products it's just okay. I tried it and then went back to my old favorites
oat milk
Not bad. I was surprised how good it tasted. Absolutely worth a try.
OMG So Delicious
I love love love love this product. It’s creamy, it’s tasty and you don’t have to use a lot of it in your coffee. It’s hard to find where I live. But I’m always on the lookout! Deeeeeeeliciuos!!
I would like to try coffe see mate.send me a sample for try I tried any other flavour.thankz
I have not seen this in my local grocery store but I hope they start to carry it, its looks like it would be so yummy in my coffee!
I always wonted to try this creamer out I heard this product taste very good and I love trying different creamer to see switch one makes my coffee taste amazing and I hope one day I get to try this product out and. I also hope everyone do to . thanks for everything
I have not tried this product but I would love to, I have problems with pasteurized milk products, this would be perfect.
I would love to try this it is made from oat milk healthy and looks like it would taste good
This product could be used for many things like coffee or milkshakes. My children love putting it in there hot chocolate for more flavor.
Yay yum yum😋 I may try it just to see if it is similar to a real milk product. Love Natural Bliss creamers
I use Coffee Mate Natural Bliss products all the time; have not seen this Oat Milk one in my store as yet; I may try it just to see if it is similar to a real milk product. Love Natural Bliss creamers
I haven't been able to find this in our store. I love vanilla flavors so hoping to try it soon.

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