4.7 5 0 79 79 Revolutionizes oral care by cleaning the teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums and removes more bacteria.
Colgate 360 Toothbrush
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I like this product. It felt good on my teeth and gave me a great cleaning
  • Home Tested with free product
The Colgate 360 Toothbrush works great. I would recommend it as a everyday toothbrush. I is easy to use and is angled to help clean all your teeth.
  • Home Tested with free product
It cleaned my whole mouth very efficient. Most toothbrushes are just for the teeth, but this toothbrush reached my whole mouth. The bristles cleaned without irritating my gums.
  • Home Tested with free product
Greatness toothpaste. And what a great taste. It cleans so very good.
  • Home Tested with free product
Hate Colgate! Waste of money! But a free toothbrush is a free toothbrush.
  • Home Tested with free product
I usually don't think much about specific brands of toothbrushes however this one done better than my regularvbrand. I felt like it got my mouth and teeth cleaner. I would recommend it for sure.
  • Home Tested with free product
I really liked the Colgate 360 toothbrush. Provided good coverage when brushing my teeth to get them all nice and clean
  • Home Tested with free product
I really liked the Colgate 360 toothbrush. It really cleaned my teeth and gums. I like the functionality of the head of the brush, it really got between my teeth.
  • Home Tested with free product
Terrific Toothbrush
I love this toothbrush! It’s able to reach deeper between the teeth and along the gum line! It whitens teeth by polishing away surface stains! It really does give your mouth a complete clean! The cheek and tongue cleaner helps to remove odor causing bacteria! The handle fits comfortably as well!
Amazing great fresh cleaning will continue ti buy over n over
This works great
I loved this tooth brush. It was perfect for my sensitive teeth. It was easy to hold. The bristles didnt come out and they wasn't too rough.
Does what it says it does!
I was very happy with this toothbrush. The price is great. It cleans good and has my teeth feeling polished and refreshed after. I am very happy.
Good product
This is a really good really reasonable toothbrush. It cleans well and is long lasting. So for the quality at the price this is a great choice. I'd recommend.
Colgate 360
Works great, not harsh on my teeth. Will definitely purchase again.
Good toothbrush
I really liked this toothbrush left my teeth feeling clean. Worked great when cleaning my tongue also. Overall its a good toothbrush.

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