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Colgate Extra Clean
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Extra Clean and Simple
Colgate Extra Clean toothbrushes work great and leave teeth clean. They get those in-between spaces really well too. These are basic toothbrushes, but they have all you need to take of your teeth. I love that they're low priced and come in a 6-pack, so I don't run out very often.
Una buena marca y su cepillo dura mas q las otras marcas.
I have always used Colgate toothbrushes ,good quality tooth brush they are sturdy and the bristles do a great job of helping keep your teeth clean! Everyone should use these awesome for a toothbrush!!!! Highly recommend!!! and my tooth do too!!!!
Colgate toothbrush are one that I love to buy when tootursh
I loved the Colgate Extra clean toothbrushes. My teeth felt clean after brushing with the toothbrush. I would recommend.
I have always used Colgate toothbrushes ,good quality tooth brush , and even my dentist used to give these out after a cleaning I say if your dentist gives them out it says a lot about a product , would definitely recommend to family and friends
Colgate Extra Clean toothbrushes are a must to have stocked in your bathroom cabinet. They are sturdy and the bristles do a great job of helping keep your teeth clean!
I always keep a multi-pack of COLGATE EXTRA CLEAN on hand because we constantly have people stay over who forgot their toothbrush.
I really like the 6 pack value in which me and my entire family can use and get more bang for the bucks plus the brushes are good for brushing your teeth
colgate is very renowned and tested brand for years, so everything related to this brand is good and they will not disappoint their consumers, these brushes are soft and comfy with easy gripping , gives you through cleaning.
I have tried this,it works best for me. The bristles are soft , hence there is no damage to gums. Since, the bristles are crisscross they take dirt easily
I love colgate products, they are the ones I use ... for me they are the best!
I love the six pack, I have a large family. But what I truly love is how the brushes hug my teeth and massages my gums all at the same time. My teeth feel so clean and smooth after brushing with them.
La marca colgate es la mejor. Estos cepillos de dientes son muy buenos.
Los cepillos de colgate son los mejores los uso y la suavidad que le da a mi boca no lástima mis ansias ya que padezco de ansias sensible

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