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Colgate Extra Clean
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Love these toothbrushes. I have been using these for awhile now and I will continue to use them. They have the right amount of scrubbing power. Nice clean mouth.
Estos no los he probado pero la marca si y si me dan la oportunidad lo pruebo.
Si e probado este producto y es el mejor cada vez q boy a comprar cepillo de diente compro marca colgate los mejores deseo este producto por q tiene muchos así tengo para después.
I have tried this toothbrush and it is now the only one I buy.
i have used the colgate extra clean tooth brush and i loved it. it was a single tooth brush and i went back for more... i like the medium, not too hard and not too soft. awesome...
It's definitely a good deal. It also helped with my dental hygiene.
I'm a bit of a toothbrush snob and I love these toothbrushes! The provide good coverage and do a great job at cleaning.
Absolutly love colgate product's. My teeth have never looked as good as they do now.
These are great toothbrushes. I always pack them to take with me when I travel. Love a toothbrush that really stimulates your gums and cleans your teeth well.
They work great. When I am done brushing my teeth feel clean
Never knew there was a 6 pack Colgate this would be nice for me to try out becouse I have a big family
I also only use the Colgate toothbrushes. They seem to last longer then the other brushes.
I have these in the medium texture. They work better and last much longer than the soft. They would be better if they had a larger set of bristles.
These are the only manual toothbrushes I use. They are excellent in getting all sides of your teeth clean including your gum line without irritation. Perfect they are now offered in an economy pack!
I always buy and use Colgate toothbrushes and toothpaste. Not only are they a great value but are very effective at cleaning your teeth.

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