4.7 5 0 39 39 Helps strengthen teeth‡ and protect against stains Re-mineralizes enamel Prevents cavities Freshens breath No burn of alcohol
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I love Colgate products!!💕
I love using Colgate products and this mouth wash is no exception. The flavor of the mouth wash is good and makes your mouth feel clean. This is my favorite mouth wash to use! I would definitely recommend!
Love It
I personally use the Colgate Enamel Health mouthwash and it’s been great. I drink a lot of lemon water everyday which can be hard on my teeth and this has been helping keep my enamel intact
I have tried this, i really like it, it has a very minty flavor to it witch i really like.
I use this. It's great! I only use Colgate products and I honestly love this mouth wash. I'm embarrassed to say but honestly if you're on the run and don't have time to brush your teeth just rinse and swish with it and your good to go as if you had brushed.
best on the market no alcohol! does not taste bad. cost effective with sales and coupons!! We use coupons alot because we get to try a lot of product s totry to find our favs!! Love samples too
I bought this product looking for something with no alcohol. My husband and I each has a bottle in our bathrooms. Love, Love, Love the product. No Burn.........A couple weeks after using it, I was looking in the mirror to brush my hair and really noticed a difference in the whiteness and shine to my teeth. I was totally surprised since I have tried so many different whitening products. This is so easy to use also just swish and spit. Just remember to get the timing down so you don't drink anything for 30 minutes!!
I bought this because I couldn't find my regular mouthwash and decided to give it a try. Glad I did! Great smell and no burn, plus long lasting freshness. I do wish the price was cheaper, but I still like it.
We love this! I find that I rinse longer because my mouth isn't on fire from the alcohol burn. It really lasts to keep my breathe fresh and it tastes great!
This has a great flavor and leave your mouth feeling clean.
I normally buy colgate total mouthwash products and came across this one. I love the way it whitens and it has a good flavor
I have used colgate products before and I think this one would be an awesome one to try.
Works well, good flavor, a little bit of a burn, but way less than scope, works we'll and helps keep teeth white
I got sample of Colgate Total Lasting White Mouthwash. I loved it! No burning or strange after taste. Makes my mouth teeth and tongue feel clean.
I liked this mouthwash by Colgate. Tasted fine, whitened my teeth as well as protected my teeth from cavities. A great value when combined with manufacturer coupons.
I buy Colgate brand for my family and we have been using this Colgate Total Lasting White Mouthwash and one of the best attributes is that it has NO burning alcohol and that's crucial to me as I cant stand when Im left with a bad burning chemical taste afterwards or during mouthwashing and rinsing. It really does appear to help strengthen my teeth as well as better protect against stains and cavities and I enjoy it's nice refreshing taste. I highly recommend this product.

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