4.6 5 0 313 313 Clump Crusher by LashBlast Mascara delivers 200% more volume with zero clumps (vs bare lashes) for beautifully separated lashes.
COVERGIRL Clump Crusher Water Resistant Mascara by LashBlast
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Loved it.
I loved the fact that when i put it on there wasn't any clumps. It went on smoothly. And the fact that I didn't look like a raccoon at the end of the day was a bonus. Would totally recommend it.
I like it
Great mascara! Water proof and doesn’t clump like others
Applies smooth and clump free! Makes your lashes look long and thick without multiple applications!
My Everyday Mascara
This mascara always gives nice length and volume without clumps or spider legs. The brush is silicone and the bristlets easily pull through and separate every individual lash. This mascara has a great price and is worth 3x the amount if you ask me!
My favorite mascara!
I love this mascara! The curve on the end of the brush glides thru my lashes and gives them a curl. This mascara goes on so easy without clumping like other mascaras I've used in the past!
What I love most about this is the brush! It's also great for the pool, very water proof!
I have tried many different mascaras even from same brand but will never give up on this mascara because not only makes my lashes look longer and natural but it also it is perfect for the beach and or pool because is Water prove
Me gusto
Me gusta el volume que le dio a mis pestañas es ligero buen producto
Muy bueno
Deja un efecto realmente bueno, da volumen y levanta las pestañas. Destacaría su cepillo, es muy fácil de aplicar, da forma y riza tus pestañas para lograr un efecto de pestañas postizas. Muy recomendable.
Nice lashes
This COVERGIRL Clump Crusher Water Resistant Mascara by LashBlast works very well for my lashes. I have very light colored lashes since I am a redhead and they are not noticable unless I wear mascara. I like the wand on this mascara and it makes putting on this mascara simple and easy. This mascara stays on well and looks good until I am ready to take it off at night. I really like CoverGirl products and this is a product worth trying if you are looking for a good mascara without spending lots of money.
Separates Lashes
This mascara is good for making a natural look so if thats what you want this is awesome for it. It is water resistant but not if you are going to be jumping in water. It works really well and it is one of my go to's for sure.
Covergirl Mascara
Another one of my CG FAVS!!! This gives so nice lashes and gives such a nice and full look priced very reasonable check it out HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Love my lashes
I used this mascara and I really liked it. It was so easy to remove when the night was over. My lashes looked so good. I would use again and again. Great for contact wearers too.
Awesome Mascara
This is a really great mascara to try if you have short thin sparse lashes like I do. Normally when I'm choosing a mascara to try I check for both what the wand applicator looks like to see if it would be a good fit for my eye shape and what kind of formula of the actual mascara. I find that this wand applicator is a good size, neither too large or too small and one wipe is all I need to get the product onto my lashes easily. The formula is a drier kind so not need to hold off on the "blinking until dried" situation. The mascara does not wear "heavy" on my lashes so it doesn't cause it to droop after a few hours, the brush helps separate the lashes very well and coats them with an even coat of mascara. It helps give my thin sparse lashes a boost especially when I use it along with my lash curler. It's easy to remove with soap and water.
Great mascara
Great mascara however like any waterproof mascara it is super hard to get off but other than that it works super good and doesn’t clump like other mascaras. I would buy it again!

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