Covergirl TruBlend Matte Made Foundation

4.3 5 0 126 126 TruBlend Matte Made's formula is developed with flexi-hold technology that creates a strong, yet flexible film on skin for durability and comfort, while the mattifying powders absorb oil and minimizes pores for a soft matte, flawless finish.
Covergirl TruBlend Matte Made Foundation


Works well
It’s a yes from me! It’s affordable. It’s buildable. It’s workable. All in all a wonderful and not too pricey foundation. I also bought for some teenagers and they love it. A great product.
Full coverage makeup here .kinda heavy ..but love the matte kind .not expensive.
Not good for dry skin
I have dry skin and this product did not work for me. It creased everywhere and made my wrinkles look awful and I barely have wrinkles. It definitely excintuated all the bad parts of my skin. It made my pores look huge, my wrinkles look worse, and didn't really cover up my acne. I usually like covergirl products but this one just didn't work for me.
True Matte finish
Having the skin color of a porcelain doll makes it hard to find a match that doesn’t look like a clown mask around your face. This blends in very very well(of course buying the color that is closest to your skin tone) and covers stubborn red spots and scars easily.
Bought For Emergency Backup
I have purchased and tried the Covergirl TruBlend Matte Made Foundation. It has been a long time since I have bought any Covergirl products. It definitely minimized any little pores I had. It covered up what I needed covering on my face. I did not have to use a lot. Lasted all day. I would purchase this again. I bought the color for fair skin. I thought I was too old to use this product but I am not. A great buy for me.
Good foundation for oily skin
I really liked the full coverage this product provides when you use it. it's not oily nor does it leave a caked up mess of product on your face either. The color was close as it could get, the application process was as expected and the over all look was pretty.I just feel like it's missing something or maybe it's just me and something I'm doing wrong.
It's just ok
Usually covergirl isn't that bad but this one did not do my face any justice at all. My skin is dry so I don't know if maybe if that is why but it creased in every line I had and also it looked very cakey on me as well. I have tried it with mult primers and different moisturizers to see if that would help but the results was all the same. The only reason I giving it a 3 star and not lower is because the color was perfect.
I did not like this foundation because it oxidizes. I bought multiple shades and they all oxidized and turned an orange color. So my review is basically that I couldn’t even wear it because it oxidize so bad.
Light coverage
I like the fact that it feels light and airy on my skin. However, it doesn't provide enough coverage for me. I have spots and blemishes that it won't covered up. I would recommend it for someone with fair skin.
Matte trueblend
I got this by mistake meaning to get another type of matte cover girl However I was not disappointed at all. I love how smooth and evenly it goes on my skin it's really does leave me looking like I have a glow aboute.
Good, not the best.
I love me a good matte foundation! I don’t have oily skin so it doesn’t take much for me to do a matte look but this one reallyyyy dries me out and makes me look splotchy in some areas if I do not moisturize and use a hydrating primer before hand.
I’ve tried this product before I know I had dry skin problems so the matte was not made for me if it was more hydrating than it is I probably could have rocked t
Smooth Finish
I love a matt foundation and don't really do heavy makeup. This is perfect for everyday use and to have that airbrushed finish even on a hot and sticky day out. just be sure to moisturize first because it can crease if your skin is too dry
This foundation is SUPER matte. I have oily skin and this was just too matte for me. But it is a full coverage foundation. Great for the summer. Use an hydrating primer.
This product is awesome leaves ur face feeling amazing and makes ur face look like a perfect matte complexion

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