4.5 5 0 454 454 Vitalist Tinted Lip Oil is a transparent oil that delivers a comfortable, non-sticky, non-tacky shine.
COVERGIRL Vitalist Tinted Lip Oil
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Cover girl Vitalists Elixir Lip Oil- I am wavering on this product. I don't dislike it and I don't like it particilarily. It does leave your lips soft as most lip glosses do, putting a fancy name on it, with a plain package would be great if it weren't so similar to most lip balms or glosses.
Bright and Clear Color
It stays on my lips longer than most and looks fresh and bright. I have used it several years now and will continue to do so.
Hydrating Lips
I really liked this product because my lips stayed so soft. The oil is sheer so you can blend it with your favorite lipstick.
Covergirl Vitalist Elixir Lip Oil
I was wandering down the makeup aisles of Walmart when I came across these and hadn't heard of tinted lip oils yet. Big fan of lip glosses and lip balms, so I had to try. I grabbed Orange Zest and Berry Libation, even better was that they were on sale for $3.50 a piece. The tints are moderately sheer, but the formula I found smooth and easy on the lips. This wasn't sticky or tacky, no heavy, greasy feeling that some other balms, glosses, or oils can have. Didn't melt or bleed off my lips onto my skin or into the corners of my mouth. I would have given it five stars if the tints were a little darker or more vibrant.
This is pretty good for a lip tint and for the price of the product I am not sure of the meaning of lip tint and what other people see in it
Slightly tinted, light texture
I like how this product isn't sticky. I was a little disappointed with it being just barely tinted. The design of the product shows a vivid color on the outside. I would use a different design that suits the product better, like to use a slightly tinted transparent glossy plastic on top of plain white, black or some metallic background. The smell is amazing though!
Came across this product on the clearance rack at Target, seemed interesting so I bought two different colors. Since I am already a huge fan of lip gloss but have never heard of lip oil, I had to try it. Loved it since the first time I applied it, and have already recommended it to a few people. It is not as thick and sticky as lip gloss, yet it is just as creamy. The color is just a tint and does not over power the natural color of your lips. The best part, it lasts twice as long.
Covergirls Vitalist Tinted Lip really does have a non stick shine. Unlike most lip products, it feels light weight once applied. I keep this at work and one at home!
Covergirl Vitalist tinted lip oil gives lips a pretty shone without any sticky feel or smearing. The oil has just the right amount of color for an everyday look. My favorite shade is Berry Libation.
COVERGIRL VITALIST TINTED LIP OIL is therapy for your lips- the natural oils aren't to heavy- the tint leaves just the right hint of color to your lips- nothing over powering! A wonderful product! I recommend to all the ladies who wears make up!
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its a nice light lip oil with a hint of color. Great for "no makeup makeup days"
I really love cover girl products and the vitalist lip oil is another amazing product they make. My lips felt super moisturized after using the lip oil. Definitely 5 stars!
I got this after seeing Tati Westbrook review it on her YouTube channel. The smell is so good, like old school lip smackers. I have tried other lip oils and not really felt like they left my lips moisturized but this one really does. It’s not sticky or messy and has a nice wash of color to it. After it’s worn off, my lips still feel soft. It has the texture of an oil and the shine of a gloss. It’s a go-to for me now and hasn’t left my purse.
This really does leave a subtle, shiny high gloss look without feeling overly greasy or oily. Leaves lips soft after use.

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