4 5 0 69 69 A childhood favorite – now with a twist that helps your kids stay hydrated! Watermelon Lemonade Creative Roots is made with all natural ingredients, blending lemonade and watermelon flavors with coconut water for great-tasting hydration with 1g of sugar.
Creative Roots Watermelon Lemonade Flavored Kids Coconut Water Beverage
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Tasty and less sugar
This is good product. I like it. Kids always want something to drink other than water and most juice has lots of sugar. This is much better alternative. Coconut water is very healthy drink because it has lots of electrolytes.
Great taste
My 10 year old really liked this drink, which really surprised me. It has great and not overwhelmed taste and still refreshing.
Good product
These are really good however they are not sweet which kinda took me by suprize, also something else that I do like is that it doesn't taste like coconut at all really. That was a plus for me but those coconut loves it there this isn't all that flavorful if you like the coconut flavor. All in all great product leaves you wanting more at the end of each bottle... there small bottles.... lol
Great refreshing taste!
Don't turn your nose up just because you don't like coconut water. It taste nothing like it. It has avery subtle hint of watermelon lemonade. It is very light and refreshing! Make sure you shake it up before drinking. I love how it only has 1gram of sugar!
Seen this on sale so I wanted to try it out. The flavors of it was spot on didn't have an over powering taste. Never was into carbonated waters. I would recommend this to anyone that likes the rarltes of coconut
Great flavor
I got a coupon in the mail for this decided to give it a try. I purchased the mixed berry flavor and despite being coconut water based you couldn’t tell. My self and my toddler loved this product. I will definitely continue to buy it
My kid loves it!
My som tried ome of each flavor and he loved them he is 3 the one he liked the most was the pineapple one i love that its a healthy refreshing beverage that my son can drink and me not worry about how much sugar he is drinking.
Tastes great very surprised
I was skeptical at first but I bought it anyway and I am glad I did. It tastes great and the coconut isn’t over powering my kids love this and I think it’s wonderful to help them stay hydrated
I will say that I wasn't sure if my 2 year old was going to like it but I allowed her to the bottle and I spied on her.I was watching as she drank it all in 20 min.
Bad taste
In general I love coconut water and buy it weekly. I purchased this for my Diabetic mother,she said it tasted horrible. I tried it on the rest of the family who felt the same way. To be honest you dont even taste the coconut , I think coconut should not be mixed as it already has its own refreshing distinct taste.
Kid Hated
None of the five kids I babysit liked this. They all refused to drink it after trying it. They say it tasted really bad.
Refreshing in Texas Heat
October in Texas is still hot. I found Creative Roots to be very refreshing.
Im not a great fan of coconut water. But these gives ot that necessary hint to disguise that flavor and be more tasty. So for a hydrated drink other than water, this will be the one you habe to try.
Funky taste
My 9 year old and I really wanted to love these but the taste was just to light.
Not for adults
I bought these for my self to aid in weight loss i didn't like the taste but my picky eater son loves them every shopping trip he ask for them and this says alot as he dont like to drink water he wven prefer this over soda...shocker right i know they arent expensive so why not and they are healthy

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