4.7 5 0 6 6 A childhood favorite – now with a twist that helps your kids stay hydrated! Watermelon Lemonade Creative Roots is made with all natural ingredients, blending lemonade and watermelon flavors with coconut water for great-tasting hydration with 1g of sugar.
Creative Roots Watermelon Lemonade Flavored Kids Coconut Water Beverage
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Refreshing for Hydration
Creative Roots is a delicious and refreshing way to hydrate with unique flavors that I love! I don't like to drink water so this is perfect for me to quench my thirst with a beverage that I feel is much better for me than others that contain loads of sugar!
This drink is so refreshing to drink on a hot summer day. Love the taste and tge benefits of coconut.
Creative Roots drinks
This drink is just okay and is plant based but provides no nutritional value to young kids who need there nutrients contaning no vitamins, calcium, iron or potassium but has only 35 grams of sodium so you might as well drink flavored water
Great taste with minimum sugar
I absolutely love this brand of drinks and will be buying more flavors! It not only tastes great but it comforts me knowing my boys are staying hydrated but with very minimal sugar. They like tap water but they love Creative Roots water beverage!
Everyone in my family like this beverage. It tastes great and keeps you hydrated.
Creative roots
Creative Roots Watermelon Lemonade Flavored Kids Coconut Water Beverage. This drink is awesome

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