4.4 5 0 66 66 Fluoride anticavity toothpaste with illuminating complex. Advanced whitening meets advanced freshness. Whiter, dazzling smile.
Crest 3D Brilliance
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Crest is the only toothpaste I use. I have tried other brands but they do not make my teeth feel clean and my breath refreshed like Crest does. I would definitely recommend this product also.
I regularly use the crest 3D products as maintenance for my teeth to keep the surface stains to a minimum. I wish the price were a bit lower, but it's still worth the price. 4 Stars!
This is my every day toothpaste. It whitens great. Its also great for sensitive teeth
3d crest whiting toothpaste
I love the 3D crest whiting toothpaste. I definitely recommend it for anyone to buy. It really does whiten your teeth everytime you use it. The company could put more whiting in the toothpaste.
Crest 3D Brilliance
😬😬😬😬😬 Product delivered as expected! Thank you Crest!!
3D crest
It works but not as expected. The only way to bright teeth is to whiten them with a professional system which costs between $300-$500.
White with a WOW!
After using readily for a week, I definitely noticed a HUGE difference in the color of my teeth! Im a daily coffee drinker and it looks like I don't drink it at all now!
Definitely have great results
I gave this toothpaste 4 stars because it definitely does whiten, even after only two days of brushing with this product, but, It is a very strong toothpaste that burns my tongue and gums a bit. So , if you can handle the strength of the toothpaste than your good to go.
Princess's Review
At first I used this for a month and it didnt seem to work for me. Then about 6 weeks of using the product I saw where it was working. I was looking at old pictures ( from when I started using this until I realized it 6 weeks later). The whole time I thought it wasnt working, it really was. It worked slowly for me, so it wasnt noticable like i thought it would be. But after looking at pictures the change was a slow process, but it did whiten my teeth.
Toothpaste heaven
The crest 3D line is my absolute favorite toothpaste. Between the years of smoking and soda my teeth were turning yellow and this toothpaste did absolute wonders. I use the mouth wash and this toothpaste and the results are definitely noticeable! Would recommend.
Best tooth paste
Great toothpaste seemed a little gritty to me. The flavor was not to strong. Got good results.
Great toothpaste.
Crest is one of my go to toothpastes, especially this one. This toothpaste keeps my teeth white, which is important for me due to the fact that I drink a lot of coffee and that tends to stain my teeth. I'm a big fan of this toothpaste and it isn't very expensive, either, which means I'm able to stock up on it when it's on sale or otherwise.
Great taste
Tasted great but did not whiten much differently than the Crest 3d white toothpaste. It could possibly be a slight difference, but nothing drastic.
It works.
The dentist give this sample toothpaste And i try it. I like they estoy it feels un My teeth. Isabel not the dame thing as a profesional whithening but it works good.
Does that it says
Originally, I was given this product at the dental office after enquiring about whitening my teeth. It worked well, and my teeth were whiter. Granted, it's not the same whiteness you get from a professional bleach appointment, but they product does what it claims.

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