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Crest 3D White Vivid White Sparkle Mint Multi-Care Whitening Mouthwash
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Great brand!
Good flavor, no burn, and really does work. I'm always skeptical when it comes to products with claims that seem "too good to be true", but I was pleasantly surprised! I would recommend using along side 3D white toothpaste for best results. I do not recommend using this line in conjunction with White Strips; it made my teeth really sensitive.
It's minty fresh
This mouthwash is minty and fresh and it makes your mouth and teeth feel clean. The only issue is that I didn't notice any different in the whiteness of my teeth, which is a let down as that's a huge reason for this mouthwash.
sparkling smile
Crest white mouth wash took my smile a few shades whiter. I received compliments from my friend who noticed my brighter smile. I like the packaging of this mouthwash. It is a bit harsh, but that is to be expected and I don't mind it too much because of the great results.
pearly whites
This is one of the best "whitening" mouthwashes I have tried. Now, I don't think it has super duper health benefits as maybe some other brands but it doesn't disappoint in the whitening department. You will for sure see a difference if you use it consistently. It goes pairs great with the 3D white toothpaste line from Crest.
Whitens well
Not a bad flavor for mouthwash. I used it twice a day for 2 weeks and it made a significant difference in the whiteness of my teeth.
It does whiten
If you're looking for a mouthwash that is going to make your teeth feel really clean and just for overall dental health I wouldn't use this. I use this strictly for it's whitening benefits. If you use consistently you will see results. It doesn't burn but it does leave a foamy, werid film in your mouth. I felt like I needed to spit a lot. But I'd def recommend just as a whitening aid
I love the foam action
The foaming really makes me feel like this is working although I could probably just put baking soda in my mouth for the same effect lol. I wouldn't say this product helps whiten but it does the job a mouthwash is intended to do!
mouth wash
we love this plus it helps with making your teeth whiter and it freshens your breathe and it tastes really good which is great it is not a harsh tasting mouthwash very good product
I love Crest
I love Crest. My family has always used their products. I tried this Crest 3D White. It does taste good. No harsh or chemical taste. It doesn't burn my mouth. I will say that I have used it for some amount of time and unfortunately, I have not noticed any real real signs of my teeth looking whiter.
Whitens great
My boyfriend and I both used this product. We both noticed noticeably whiter teeth. However, the taste was difficult to tolerate and we discontinued using it
The Crest 3d white vivid mouth wash was minty and made my teeth feel clean. The product states it whites teeth but after using product for awhile I saw no difference also mint flavor goes away quickly and doesn't last like other mouth washes.
Good mouthwash but never noticed any whitening effect to my teeth. With the bottle advertising “Whitening” all over it, you would think it would do just that.
I love crest 3D vivid white. i feel every time i use this product i feel my teeth get whiter and whiter. I love crest everything i love crest pro health crest everything.
I love using this product very affordable easy too use works great for my teeth leaves my mouth feeling fresh this is something I would keep buying

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