4.3 5 0 19 19 Veggie Crispy Minis® multigrain chips are popped and made with whole grain brown rice.
Crispy Minis® Balsamic & Bruschetta Multigrain Chips with Vegetables
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I have not tried this product as of yet but it looks and sounds very Different. Something I would not mind trying.
I love veggie chips but have not tried these Quaker veggie chips. I would love to try these before buying them in store.
These look good! I would love to see the back of the bag to see what these chips are made from.
I am interested in trying these but would first like to know if they taste good. I love balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing but not bruschetta so that doesn't mean that these chips will taste as good. Anyone who has tried these please let know?

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