Dawn Gentle Clean Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap Pomegranate Splash

4.8 5 0 724 724 Get the great grease-fighting power of Dawn in a soap that is gentle on skin.
Dawn Gentle Clean Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap Pomegranate Splash


I have been using dawn for a long time and I love it,if I buy another brand it doesn't compare to dawn.
Great Cleaning
It cut the grease and really got my dishes clean.
Fragrant soap
I really enjoyed the dish soap not only did it do it's job in the kitchen it smelt beautiful and left my hands feeling great. Thank you
Amazing I love to use this dishwashing liquid because it’s amazing it really gets the dishes clean because degrees right off the dishes it doesn’t feel so greasy I would definitely buy this Again
Washes dishes with ease
My all time favorite soap. Not only does it have an amazing smell but it does the best job of getting gunk off of my dishes. Not too pricey for the amount of work that it does.
The best is hard to beat and Dawn is the best.
Scented Dawn
I love Dawn dishwashing soap and to have it have such a wonderful smell makes it even better. It cuts grease well and leave my hands smelling amazing. It's harder to find for me than other scents but, I will hunt around to keep finding it.
Dawn Detergent
I have use this Dawn for years. It works so good on my dishes. I would not used no other dishes detergent.
leave your hands feeling dry and has a great smell.but it is one of the best brand.and I recommend it for those who like pomegranate.
Gentle and Smells Amazing
I love Dawn because they have the most gentle yet effective dish soap. This stuff works really well on grease, it's almost like it cuts right through it! It smells like pomegranates and is really gentle on my hands. They feel moisturized after - not dry and flaky.
love dawn
Works well at lifting up grease and help loosen burnt items if soaked in soap water
The only dish soap I use.
I have very sensitive skin and I always end up having super dry hands after doing the dishes until I tried this. It really is gentle on my hands, leaving them soft and not dried out and it also cleans just like you'd expect from dawn.
Great Smell
This dish soap smells so good and leaves your dishes squeaky clean. They feel so clean when you wash them. There is no reason to buy another kind of dish soap.
Buena opción
No.puede faltar en mi hogar me encanta como deja de limpio todo lo que labo.
Dawn is the BEST!!
Dawn dishsoap is the best dish washing soap around. It is tough on grease and grime and cleans your dishes like u won't believe. This one also smells amazing!

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