Dawn Gentle Clean Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap Pomegranate Splash

4.8 5 0 692 692 Get the great grease-fighting power of Dawn in a soap that is gentle on skin.
Dawn Gentle Clean Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap Pomegranate Splash


Dawn is the best out there it sud up longer and last longer. It make u hand nice and soft
Gentle on skin
I've always been a big fan of Dawn and love all the scents that they offer. This scent makes me think of warm days. The fact that it is gentle on my hands makes it a go to dishsoap.
My hands are so soft
This dishsoap will not disappoint you! It does really well with cleaning the greasy dishes from taco night to olive oil and rosemary baked chicken . It also makes my hands feel so soft. It smells amazing too.
I tried Dawn gentle and it makes my hands feel so soft after using it to wash the dishes. I would recommend it to all.
Love me some dawn dish soap
I absolutely love dawn dish soap it can be used more than just dish soap. Sometimes i will pit a little in my laundry when i am doing towels because i feel like with all those big towels in the washer that regular laundry soap isn't enough. So i will put some in with my towels. And that smell of dawn dish soap is just fabulous.
I love this stuff you spray it on a pan and it just take the grime away.If you haven't tryed it may be a little expensive but you will love it and doesn't take much to use.I am very excited about this product
Smell and feel great
I like this Dawn dish detergent. It smells good and feels good on the hands leaving them feeling soft. It cleans dishes well but i did notice its not as strong as the original one as far as how it cleans. It felt like i had to add a bit extra to get a good soapy lather without the water taking away from it.
Good product
I really like DAWN products. This one is equally as good considering that it doesn't just cut threw grease and build up but also isn't as harsh on your hands. I do notice however that I had to reapply to my sponge a few times. It's not like the concentrated blue DAWN kind where a little bit it will last and last. That's the only reason I am rating a 4 out of 5. Its still a great product either way.
Smells so good
I really like Dawn Pomegranate Splash. It has the grease cutting power of Dawn and it has an amazing scent! I love that it's more nourishing than the typical Dawn soaps. Highly recommend!
Dawn gentle clean
I absolutely love this product, Dawn gentle clean is silky to the touch, and it has such a great scent and is super tough on grease, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone!
Dawn Gentle Clean
It smells wonderful and works as hard as Original Dawn; yet it is gentle on your hands.
Dawn Gentle Clean dish detergent
This product does the job of cleaning your dishes and also is gentle on your hands. I liked mostly that it it is gentle on your hands as it cleans your dishes. I would recommend this item.
Non drying
My hands are a lot drier now that I'm in my 30's. I do wash my hands a lot throughout the day, especially now because of the pandemic. Obviously I don't want to use detergent that's rough on my hands, so I do appreciate that this soap is non drying, but cleans well. It removes grease perfectly. I like the smell, but I wish they had a lot more options.
Smells great!!!
If you are looking for something that cleans your dishes and smell great, buy this. I wash many dishes, many times a day. My hands are already dry from washing them so much because of COVID, it was nice to find something that help them. I love the lather.
It’s different
Overall the quality is there, thick suds, cuts grease, smells nice. I just can’t give up my Platinum Dawn. I believe it’s a solid choice over the competitors

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