Dawn Ultra Gentle Clean Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap, Pomegranate & Rose Water Scent, 24 fl oz

4.8 5 0 730 730 Just because a dishwashing liquid is tough on grease doesn't mean it has to be hard on your hands. Get the great grease-fighting power of Dawn in a soap that is easy on skin. When you want a thorough clean that's easy on hands, tough on grease, get Dawn Gentle Clean Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap. With 50% less scrubbing* (*vs. Dawn Non-Concentrated), Dawn dishwashing liquid dish soap works harder so you can get back to spending quality time with your family. Dawn dishwashing liquid dish soap is Americas #1 Dish Liquid* (*based on sales). <li>Easy on Hands, Tough on Grease <li>50% Less Scrubbing (vs. Dawn Non-Concentrated) <li>America's #1 Dish Liquid (Based on Sales) <li>Exotic Pomegranate & Rosewater scent</li>
Dawn Ultra Gentle Clean Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap, Pomegranate & Rose Water Scent, 24 fl oz


Gentle clean
I love this this washing liquid. It’s great on dishes and your hands. I love that it still cuts grease but isn’t hard on your hands. I don’t think I would make any improvements to this product however, I would definitely recommend it.
Best ever dish soap in all my life
It's just the best. Ive tried every dish soap out there and really there's no comparison.it absolutely the best when it comes to cutting grease.it makes washing dishes a breeze. Honestly I do not and will not use any other kind of dish soap.its just that good of a product.
Fresh dish soap
This dish soap has a unique fresh scent which also cleans your dishes and cutlery extremely well!!
The best
Best dish soap i have ever used. It pricy but worth it . I feel like any other brand you pay more because you end up using more water and taking more time to wash something .
Works well
Dawn dish soap always gets my dishes clean! I even use it to get stains out of some clothes. Always gets the job done. This scent smells fabulous and is a pretty pink color to have sitting out. Love it.
Great for pretreating laundry
I don't know how other people are able to use frying pans without getting oil spots on their t-shirts or hoodies; I guess I am just a messy cook. Regular laundry detergent won't budge those grease spots, so I keep a bottle of Dawn on hand to pre-treat my shirts before they go in the wash. Squirt a couple of drops on the spot and really grind it in there to help break dow the oil. Then toss it in the wash as normal. Magic! And just choose whatever scent you like best. I happen to like this one and about half a dozen others. Personally, I think they all work the same no matter the fragrance. There's a reason Dawn is known for being a good degreaser.
Great on grease
What I love about Don is that it is multi-purpose it’s not specifically for dishes. I use dawn in my laundry, cleaning my bathroom, cleaning oil spills in my driveway. I’ve use this to get out stains. I love that it is safe to use around my kids there are any strong smells or fragrances. It’s easy to wash off. So versatile. I could literally use this on absolutely anything that I need to clean and know that it won’t ruin it or leave a film.
Great dish liquid
This soap is tough on grease and oil and suds up really nice. The smell is not too bad I actually like BLM it when washing my hands but I'd rather a clean scent for washing dishes.
Works great but not a fan of the scent
I love how well Dawn dish soap works and keeping my dishes clean and sparkly!! After using it, my hands also feel so great! However, the pomegranate rose scent is too strong and floral for me. I prefer original Dawn scent or citrus scents when I'm doing dishes. I wouldn't purchase this scent again but I always buy Dawn Original!!
Huge Fan!
I love Dawn dish soap! Gets grease like no other. The scent was not strong at all to me. I love scents so that was kind of disappointing.
Keeps dishes clean!
Like all Dawn soap, this one keeps dishes clean just as well. It smells so delicious and does not irritate my skin. A little bit of soap goes a long way. Lathers well and not sudsy on the hand.
Great dish soap
I only will use Dawn dishsoap in my household. It smells good and does the job.
great product
Dawn product is very good and I like to use dawn because it gives back to the community.
Does the hard work for you!
No more scrubbing for 10 minutes, all that hard work is out the window with this product! It gets the leftover food right off without all that scrubbing and hard work. And they even made it smell like a flower garden, which another huge plus for me. I would totally Rex this product!
5 stars hands down!
Dawn dish washing soap is my all time favorite brand to use. I always keep an extra bottle on the shelf at my house. Yes, dawn tends to be more expensive compared to other brands. Even bottles that are larger in size, I still prefer dawn. You only need a tiny amount and it gets the job done. No greasy feeling once cleaned. Not to mention the smell of this soap is fantastic! It makes my hands feel smooth and clean. I highly recommend switching to dawn. So many scents to pick from.

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