3.9 5 0 135 135 Luscious chunks of orchard-ripened apples are combined with 100% whole grain oats and a splash of cinnamon for a satisfying way to start your day.
Del Monte Fruit & Oats Apple Cinnamon
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Quick Breakfast
This is a perfect breakfast on the go. It needs a little something extra to make it feel "wow," so I added a little bit of plain Greek Yogurt. With the yogurt it helps add a bit of texture too. Overall, it makes a good breakfast if you're in a hurry.
Not bad for a mid morning snack
These are just alright, can't say I'd go out of my way for them. It's good to keep around if you need a mid-morning snack to get you to lunch. It is better warmed up vs room temperature, just wish that it would have come in a microwave safe cup (i haven't tried microwaving it, but it's plastic and it doesn't say microwave safe).
I am in love with this product
Hard to find, not all stores carry this item but once you find it you'll know and grow to love it. Amazing taste- better warmed up in the microwave but good too at room temp. Great on the go snack! Lacked with chunks of apple and oats
I loved the cinnamon in the apples and cinnamon fruit & oats cup. It was perfect for the morning. The amount they serve is just right. I could use a little more apples.
Luscious chunks of orchard-ripened apples are combined with 100% whole grain oats and a splash of cinnamon for a satisfying way to start your day.
Great way to start the day! Very yummy, cinnamon apple oatmeal ready to eat in 45 seconds.
Really tasty!
I loved the taste, and it satisfied my hunger. It had just the right amount of cinnamon flavor.
It’s alright
This is really an okay product for when you are in a quick pinch and need something to hold you over or if you are running behind in the morning and you need a good pick me up
its good for a quick breakfast. if you need more sweet just add a dash of cinnamon sugar
Its fine
Its fine, but I love the other 'Fruit &__' products so I had higher expectations for this.
Needed Some Help!
This is a decent product, easy if one is in a hurry, but definitely needs help to make it particularly appetizing. I added a little butter and brown sugar to the second container, which helped, but sort of defeats the purpose of buying prepackaged. Probably wouldn't purchase again, I'd just make my own.
I’ve had better
It’s fast and easy if you’re in a hurry, but I won’t buy it again. I couldn’t get over how fake it tasted. I absolutely love apple cinnamon but this tasted like someone had sprayed air freshener on cardboard.
Bigger Choice
Getting products FREE from Home Testers Club. Have tried both Del Monte Fruit & Oats Apple Cinnamon and the one with peaches. The apple one is thicker. Both taste great. Prefer buying the 4 packs of fruit. Cheaper and makes more servings. Thank you very much Home Testers Club and Del Monte!
Great for breakfast!
I recently bought this because it caught my eye. I had never seen or tried it before. I am so glad I bought it. The whole family loves them! I like them cold so after I bought them I put them in the refrigerator. These are great as a snack or even for breakfast on the go!
Love this stuff! Tasty, filling and great value! Eat it room temperature or warm it up, perfect breakfast or snack food.

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