Delimex Pork Taquitos

4.4 5 0 172 172 Microwaveable with delicious Mexican flavors.
Delimex Pork Taquitos


Tasteful and convenient
These Pork Taquitos taste super good and flavorful. They make a great snack wether your at home or on the go. They’re easy to cook and there satisfying. I love this brand, its one of my favorites and for more tasty flavoring dip every bite into some ranch dressing.
Really good
These are super flavorful and delicious. I liked how crispy they are and how portable they are. Great for camping.
Nothing special
These are ok, convenient to grab for a quick fix when you're hungry. If you have time to deep fry,they are better.
Delimex Pork Taquitos
Not the greatest, but not horrible either. They don't really taste authentic, but they are nice when you want a quick snack to eat or finger food for the kids. I would eat them occasionally.
Easy snacks
We buy Delimex products often they are an easy snack to make,and great for when we have company,they usually don’t last in my house.
Snack or Meal!
These are great for a simple snack and an incredibly easy meal! Ive microwaved these and baked them in the oven. They're remarkably better if you use the oven method.
Just tried - yummy!
Tried these today. They are very good. Just the right amount of filing and very flavorful. Will purchase again in the future.
Good Flavor
My kids love these, they are great for snacks and great for on the go. They love the pork flavor and how quick they are to prepare and they are very convenient especially for a birthday party for some quick finger foods.
Tasty snacks
I’m always willing to try something new who knows it might become a number one favorite snack
These are quick and easy to prepare! My whole family LOVE these! We pop them in the toaster oven, grab some salsa/guac/sour cream to dip 'em & chomp away! Perfect for snacks, quick meals... anytime!
Good product
I bought these. I was greatly surprised at how good they are. I make them as a snack or even a meal. I usually make rice and beans on the side if I use them as a meal. I would recommend these.
These are so good! Bake in the oven for the best crunch and taste. This brand is my favorite and I recommend giving it a try. Great easy meal too.
I don't cook
I don't cook very much and these babies right here? My go to! Add some ranch and my taste buds go heaven and back
These Taquitos are delicious and easy to put in the microwave and cook. But I put them in my air fryer so they come out crispy, My kids, grandkids, husband and I love them. There great for parties and dipping in ranch or sour cream dip.
Great Snack!
I try to have Delimex Taquitos in my freezer at all times. They are so easy to put in the microwave and give my child a quick snack she loves to eat. She loves the Pork flavor. They are quite meaty. I put them in the microwave usually a minute and then turn them over for another minute and my picky eater is happy.

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