Devour Creamy Alfredo Mac & Cheese with Bacon

4.4 5 0 179 179 Creamy Alfredo Mac & Cheese with Bacon - Delicious and flavorful, Devour Creamy Alfredo Mac & Cheese with Bacon will wake your taste buds up.
Devour Creamy Alfredo Mac & Cheese with Bacon


good quick meal
this is a good quick pasta. easy to heat up. sauce is tasty and theres bacon!
We all love Mac cheese this tastes so yummy. Highly recommended very filling.
Devour Frozen Meals
I try and take my lunch with me to work to avoid eating out so much. Sometimes eating the same old same old can make it hard to not only want to take it to work with you but to want to eat it as well. So i like to look for new meals to try and this Devour was a winner. Nice and creamy and smokey bacon flavor. I would recommend to have any time.
Devoted to Devour
I was excited to try this yummy looking meal from Devour because I have never had the chance to have any meal from this brand and it looks delicious just on the front so makes it even better!
Very good
Very good, creamy and the taste of bacon gives it an extra flavor.
My husband and I gave this a try. I know it says one serving however that is a lot of calories for one serving so my husband and I shared for a quick weekend lunch. Very creamy and the bacon pieces were a nice size. Good texture to the noodle.
Devour Creamy Alfredo Mac & Cheese with Bacon
Love this creamy Mac and cheese love the taste of bacon in it .Really good Mac and Cheese
Great for lunch
This was better than expected. The portion was huge compared to similar items. There was actual bacon pieces in it. This is great for a lunch for work.
Perfect budget frozen meal
This was surprisingly good for a frozen meal. The portion size was good for a quick lunch. Devour is better than other budget meals.
Great Flavor and Crowd Pleaser
I bought this for my family of three boys. They are picky eaters and what something that is gourmet and filling. This always hits the spot for my boys. They flavor is amazing and is super filling.
adding bacon just made it more wonderful great quick fix
This is delicious and creamy when cooked! I loved that it didn't dry out like the usual microwave meals do!
Devour taste really great !!
I LOVE white Cheddar, I was not sure about bacon in my Mac& Cheese but this was rich, creamy, wonderfully divine !!!
this frozen
i was skeptical of frozen noodles but i was very suprise this i will buy again
This is so good! I couldn't believe how much flavor there is.. I do not normally buy frozen entrees due to lack of flavor and just overall most taste like your eating a frozen meal. These are packed full of flavor and taste like I made it myself.

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