4.3 5 0 116 116 Creamy Alfredo Mac & Cheese with Bacon - Delicious and flavorful, Devour Creamy Alfredo Mac & Cheese with Bacon will wake your taste buds up.
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😋 Yummy
Great flavor, smooth & creamy with just the right amount of bacon.
Loved the cheese taste and the bacon was so good! Great for a quick workday meal when I have no leftovers or lunch prepped.
this is the best chedder and bacon frozen side dish i have tried yet me and my hubby love this and i buy this every week you can use it as a meal or itis also good for a side dish
Must have for teens and people on the go!
I don't know where to start this meal is everything I was looking for and very tasteful. lots of bacon and a very thick cheese sauce makes for a great meal.
Devour mac and cheese
I buy these constantly! I mean who doesnt love mac and cheese with bacon? Its delicious, it cooks evenly and is yummy, great for mommies on the go all the time like myself.
I love different types of Mac N Cheese. I spotted this brand at my local grocery store so decided to try it. All I can say is ohhh sooo yummy!!
Great taste
This is really good. Has a great taste and is just the right size for lunch. My children love it as well and they are picky eaters.
Very tasty
These microwavable meals are really good.I dont usually eat frozen diners but decided to pick one up.There is plenty in a box for one person.
fast lunch
I tried this entrée and found it a whole lot better than others I have used! working shift work for 36 years I go through a lot of these dinners, this brand is tops for the price!
Super creamy
When i seen this at my local store. I wasn't sure how this would taste. I was super hungry so i thought that I'd give it a try and I'm so glad that i did. It's so creamy, the bacon really tops it all off the noodles is a great choice. I'm so glad that i bought devour and i buy whenever I'm in the mood for creamy cheese and bacon.
Can't believe it's frozen food
This white cheddar and bacon Mac and cheese is really good. The picture on box looks tasty and the ingredients sounds yummy. But I wasn't sure what to expect for a frozen dish. I was very impressed with the flavor, taste, and smell of this product. I was leary of the purchase a little because of the cost $4.00 I thought was a little spendy but after trying product I'd buy again and again without hesitation.
very cheesy loaded bacon mac and cheese
there is lots of bacon loaded with white cheddar cheese great flavors. even my kids love it . then who does not love bacon. its very filling and i love the taste
Deliciously creamy
These are delicious. The cheese is creamy, the bacon is smoky, the curly noodles hold the sauce perfectly. I pretty much always have these in my freezer for a quick lunch or a dinner side.
Rich and Creamy
My husband really likes this brand "Devour" very much. This one is very rich, cheesy, with a creamy texture. Lots of bacon flavor as well. Good portion size and filling. If you enjoy white cheddar mac & cheese, this one is for you.
This is so good! It's thick and creamy & I love love the bacon in it! Good portion size too!

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