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Dial Acne Control Face Wash
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Great Product
Helps to clear acne, exfoliates well, and leaves a fresh tingling sensation. It lasts a while and I have been satisfied enough with it to buy it again. This will be my third bottle. My skin is very sensitive so I don't use it every night but it's perfect for when I want to clean my face thoroughly. It's also best to moisturize afterwards because it can be slightly drying
I love dial face wash for acne it makes my face feel refreshed with a light scent. but a little dry feeling but makes ur skin nice and tight and shiny
I must say after the first week of using this I got hooked. Every day there was a little change and the promise is right. you will see a difference in 3 days. The longer you use it the better it works . I have been using it for 3 years now and i am so happy with the results
I purchased this product for my son. He absolutely loved it. I would recommend this product because it really helped clear out his acne after a few weeks of using this product.
Aun no lo e probado,me encantaria usarlo.y recomendarlo a mis amistades.
I bought Dial acne control for my daughter and she loves it.She feels so refreshed after using it and she has less out breaks.
actually dies a real good deep cleaning job on your face especially if you have large skin pores like me and attracts dirt and after using me skin is not only clean but very smooth and is on sales sometimes
It gives me the shine and the tingle..that a women lives on her skin
I have tried this product and it worked great on my face. I have occasional acne breakouts and other products tend to leave my face dry. Since I use Dial products regularly I thought I would give this product a try. This will be my go to product for my breakouts.
My face is oily, so this works very well in cleaning and keeping my face from breaking out.
I've purchased this product last year and it's one of my favorite acne face washes! It definitely works so I highly recommend this!
Love it it makes my face feel so good and knowing dial is behind it made it even better for me!
My skin gets really oily, and after using this face wash, it makes my skin feel fresh and clean.
I really like Dial products and have used Dial products for a number of years. When the Dial Oil-Free Acne Control Deep Cleansing Face Wash came out I had to try it and did not like it at all. I did not like how it made my face feel after washing, in that it felt slimy and like I could not get the product rinsed off. It also did not really help clear my face up, though I did break out in other areas of my face initially. The only thing I did like about the product was the fragrance. I did like the citrusy fragrance but other than that, I will not use it any more.
Love this, great for all ages I use it every night with a buff puff takes my makeup off very well too!

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