Dial Liquid Hand Soap with Moisturizer, Coconut Water & Mango

4.8 5 0 645 645 Dial Coconut Water & Mango has an ultra-fresh and fruity tropical aroma that will leave your hands feeling hydrated and smooth with every wash.
Dial Liquid Hand Soap with Moisturizer, Coconut Water & Mango


Hydrating to the skin and and an awakening to the senses
Being “skin smart”, this soft soap is hydrating and moisturizing while being gentle so as to not strip your skin of its natural moisture. I can attest that daily use of the soap multiple times per day has not dried my skin out once, and maintains proper moisture levels in my skin. The coconut water and mango scent is very clean and invigorating, and I also love the color in my bathroom
Very good, fresh smell!
Very good, fresh smell. Love the mango hint. Dial soap is the cleaniest soap and not a bad price point either. Can be found online, target, the grocery store.
Smells so GOOD!!!!
This is the main fragrance I buy. In love with this fragrance!! Leaves my hands feeling so clean and I know the germs have washed away down the drain. Dial has been a major part of my family bathroom for years and I will continue to use this brand for many years to come.
Love it
This brand is one of my favorite soaps and I really love the hand soap scents. This one in particular is one of my favorites. Easily accessible, inexpensive, and works wonders. Definitely worth buying.
Soft, Smooth & Clean Hands that Smell Great.
This soap has worked wonders on my hands. Its Skin Smart so it has moisturizing conditioners, gentle cleansers and free of any chemicals or anything else that you may not want in your soap. I have water eczema, so water, plastics and silicone make my hands like blister, dry out and hurt a lot all at once. Most soaps dry my hands a lot but I’ve been using this for a couple weeks now and my eczema hasn’t flared up and my hands are nice and soft, plus they smell great too.
Smell of paradise
Dial Liquid Hand Soap with Moisturizer, Coconut Water & Mango smells like paradise. For that little moment while washing your hands you can imagine of being on the beach some where far away and relaxing. I love how this soap doesn’t dry my skin but leaves it nice and moisturized feeling.
Tried and True
I've been using this soap for years, and especially love this scent! It's inexpensive, good quality, and I feel like it gets my hands clean without taking too long to lather or too long to rinse off. I also love that it's perfectly moisturizing without leaving any residue, so my hands feel like they're simply clean!
Very moisturizing
I wash my hands a lotttttt. Im so glad that I recently found this product, I have been looking for something that isn't too drying but cleanses well. The scent isn't strong and it's decently oriced.
Like it
Amo su aroma y es duradero hace muy bien su funcion
Moisturising Dial Soap
Liquid Dial with Coconut and Mango leaves your skin feeling soft and subtle after each use along with having a great smell. Dial has never failed too give me the feeling the cleanest of all liquid soaps.
Daily soap is amazing
I've used daily soaps for years and will continue to use this brand. This sent smells amazing and of course kills 99.9% of germs on your hands. We also used this brand at out nursing station in the clinic I worked at. Great brand.
Refreshing clean!
I love this hand soap and its delicate scent, it leaves you hands nice and clean with a subtle scent and is very cost friendly!
Love this!!
This always makes my skin feel so clean and the smell is amazing and stays on your hands for hours!! I get so many compliments on this soap!!
Love it
I keep this soap in my guest bathroom. We love it in my house.
Perfect soap scent for summer
This dial mango coconut soap is like the perfect scent for summer. It's dial so your clean and sanitized and you can trust it. I always try to have hand soap that matches the seasons. This is absolutely perfect for summer. Not to strong but fresh enough to let you smell the clean.

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