4.9 5 0 579 579 Dial Coconut Water & Mango has an ultra-fresh and fruity tropical aroma that will leave your hands feeling hydrated and smooth with every wash.
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Long lasting scent
One of my favorite hand soaps. Cleans well and scent stays long after washing hands. The price makes it even better.
Smells so good!
Get it! It smells so good and leaves your skin feeling nice and soft :)
This handsoap smells absolutely amazing. Definitely recommend.
A sweet breeze
I purchased this on a whim because it was on sale! I was pleasantly surprised when I first washed my hands it was like being on the beach with a sweet drink. It’s delightful! Ever since that sale I haven’t been able to find it again! Bummer!
Go to the Islands with Dials Coconut Water and Mango
I absolutely love Dials Coconut Water and Mango Hydrating Hand Soap. It smells absolutely amazing. It is if you were actually on an island somewhere if you close your eyes and take in the scent. It foams up very easily and rinses clean. I wouldn't change a thing about this product it's priced amazingly and I highly recommend it.
Great scent
I bought this on a whim at a great price and now we have over 23 bottles! Yes, im a couponer!! Even the boys in my house love the scent...easy pump and doesnt leave a residue on your hands!
Love it
This soap smells so good a nice strong but not to strong smell to it so it nice to wash your hands clean but also smell good and keep your hands nice and soft so they don’t dry out.
Smells yummy
I love this scent! It stands out from all the other hand soaps at the grocery store! I'm not a huge fan of the minor dryness afterwards but it is typical of standard hand soap. Nothing uncommon. But did I mention the smell?? I love it!
Good soap 🧼
This is a great soap for a great price it’s easy to stock up on and if you have kids that wash their hands a lot and you go through soap, it’s affordable for everyone and cleans good
Leaves a light refreshing tropical smell on your hands while cleaning them.
I love the smell of this soap...this one is my fav
The scents are great and they dont dry out your hands after each wash
I absolutely love the scent of this soap. It leaves your hands feeling so soft. When I can find it in stock, I load up on it !
I like dial soaps. Not only does this smell amazing but it’s affordable and super cheap. Not bad cheap, I mean cheap as in low price but high quality product!
Great Dial hand soap love smell
This is a great product I use it in both my bathrooms, I really like dial hand soap

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