4.7 5 0 123 123 Diamond Multi-Purpose Mini Cups With Lids, 2 oz, 50ct.
Diamond Multi-Purpose Mini Cups With Lids, 2 oz, 50ct
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Jelloo shots!!
Used these this past weekend for Jell-O shots and they worked perfectly! They didn’t leak or anything even After being submerged in water that the ice turned into in the cooler!!
I had seen these and purchased a quite a few of these back in July for a family reunion. My thoughts it would be a lot neater and cleaner using these. We used them for mayo, mustard, ketchup, different types of BBQ sauce, tarter sauce, relish, and a few jello shots. I must say it worked perfectly and it turned out better than what some thought. While I know many restaurants already do this but it is the most easiest and practical way of keeping things fresh and it keeps nasty hands off the bottles which I am all for lol. I love them and will be using again.
Mini Cup
No matter if you're a large or small business, or even just a "Mom" at home. These mini storage containers are great for many uses! Not only can they be used for your typical sauces, dips, cheeses and sides; but can also be used for craft storage, organization and even frozen mini treats! A great buy!
Mini Cups with Lids
I love these mini cups for all kinds of things! There's a lot in a pack (50 cups w/lids) for a cheap price! I use them for dips, dressings, and even for storing small objects, like toys and earrings! They're great for all kinds of uses all around the house, or even cars! I buy these cups all the time.
Great for school lunches
I use these for my daughter’s lunch. I usually put dips, cream cheese, and butter in these. Perfect size and I don’t have to worry about spills. Easy for my little one to open too. Highly recommended for school lunch solutions.
Perfect size for condiments
These are perfect for my families lunches. My boys will only eat veggies if they have ranch to dip into so everyday I sent one of these filled with “dip” in their lunch bags. The lids stay on nice and tight but are easy enough for little hands to get open on their own. I tried using reusable containers for this but my kids were never able to open them in their own and the school they go to is so understaffed no one is available to help the smaller kids during lunch so they would end up not eating their food! So I gave up and started sending them with these. At the price point it’s easy on my wallet to know they are getting their serving of veggies in
Wonderful lil cups
Wonderful little cups that make so many things easier. I like the mainly for condiments and home made seasonings and home dried herbs. They are easy to pack on the go and are really good for single dips.
Natasha Brock
This a wonderful purchase great for parties and carry out afterwards. The little tops keep it very secure. Will be purchasing again soon. No overall great product.
Cute cups for any event
These little containers are so handy. You can use them for virtually anything. You can use them for containers for small items used in crafting. They are aweaome for concession stand condiments we use at my sins baseball games and i use them in my kids lunch boxes for condiments as well.
Good for on the go
I'm not a fan of waisted trash nut if you have picky eaters who need ketchup on the go this is helpful
Good use for toddlers
If your toddler is in preschool or you need a good portion size for them this cup works perfectly. I highly recommend this product. I really like how efficient they are and I enjoy using them daily!
Sauce cups!
I use them for all our sauces. Bbq sauce, cheese sauce, ketchup, just about everything you can squeeze in them. I love them.
Great for School lunches
Mini cups
They work great for all sorts if things great for sauces.
mini cups
these are great for packing lunches and put in small amount of condements or sauce. we also made jello shots in them they are usefull all over the house for small items i love all size containers for many uses around the house

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