3.8 5 0 202 202 With Diet Cokes new naturally flavored feisty cherry there's a whole flavor adventure waiting for you.
Diet Coke Feisty Cherry
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I was hesitant to try this, because I thought it would be the same thing as diet cherry coke. That was not the case. Much more cherry flavor.
I seen coke haf different flavors of diet soda so i had bought the single cans. I enjoyed this flavor plus the other flavors. Coke should make the flavors into 12 pks or even offer it in a 2liter bottle.
Taste great
I really like how diet coke taste its my favorite diet drink and to have fiesty cherry flavor made it even better. I would recommend to anyone who drinks diet soda give this a try.
Frosty Cherry Coke
Did notlike the taste of this drink. To cough medicine taste
The Name is Feisty, it’s Fantastic
Diet Coke Feisty Cherry has a bite to it that makes it taste delicious without making you think it’s actually a diet pop! I usually don’t drink diet pop, but not only are the cans small enough to satisfy a craving for some pop, they taste fantastic too. I love cherry coke and this version is awesome.
I enjoy the flavors
I have to say i was suprised how much i like this. I gabe it 4 stars only because i wish they had more flavors. Would buy again
Taste Like Cherry Drink
I have tried this drink several times as my doctor doesn't want me to drink anything with lot's of sugar. It taste like a cherry drink but without the sugar. It's a diet drink and people who don't drink diet drinks probably wouldn't like this on. I liked it.
Not Good
I tried this product because I was told it wasn't an overly cherry flavor. When I tasted it, it was definitely cherry! I should have known better. Even if you're a fan of cherry, I don't know if you will like this. It's just weird!
Diet Coke fiesty Cherry
I was recently diagnosed with diabetes, and thought I would try a diet soda and I bought this and I really loved the taste of it. I think people should buy this and try it as well.
I liked it
My dad's a diabetic and we tried everyone of these , I rather enjoyed them all
Diet Coke Feisty Cherry
Diet Coke Feisty Cherry. If you really want cherry coke, buy Dr. Pepper!! Didn’t really see or taste anything “Feisty” about it. I’ll stick with Pepsi.
It's Not Terrible
I love cherry cola, so of course, I had to try Diet Coke's Feisty Cherry when it was first released. My overall opinion is it's not terrible, but not a favorite soft drink either.
This is not my favorite flavored Diet Coke that's for sure. I think this flavor specifically leaves a bad after taste. Once I purchased this flavor I never bought it again. Strawberry is the way to go!
Diet Coke
Love that they came out with all these flavors in diet coke. I normally would have to buy flavoring to add to my diet sodas.
Great taste ,strong ,love can pop ,love can size and color

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