3.8 5 0 138 138 With Diet Cokes new naturally flavored feisty cherry there's a whole flavor adventure waiting for you.
Diet Coke Feisty Cherry
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Too fiesty
I was really not a fan of this product. I love most sodas with cherry but this did not taste like cherry soda. It was for sure feisty. It had an intense spicy yet not spicy taste. It was not that good and I don't think it worked well with coke. I'm not real sure what flavor I was actually tasting but it just didn't taste like a good combination. I love coke products. This one just was not a winner in my opinion.
Good Soft Drink
I like this drink over the regular Coke is because it has a lower sugar content than the other on the shelf. And it taste better than most of others out there now. I would recommended this flavor to all my friends if they want a great tasting soft drink.
When I tried this I was not a big fan. It made my throat burn. Kind of disappointed as I do love my Coke products. While it may not have been my cup of "coke" per se, I am sure there are others who would enjoy the flavor.
Tried a sample at the store, Yuck! I didn't taste the cherry only the taste of diet. I will stick to my diet coke.
I have tried this and love the flavor of the drink! I am still buying it myself to drink
I actually tried the Blood Orange flavor and it was surprisingly good! I’d defilitely recommend.
YUM! I am a diehard diet coke fan & recently tried all these combo flavors. This feisty cherry coke flavor with its added zing is a delicious alternative. I was afraid the flavoring would alter the taste & be too sweet. I am happy to say it delivered the traditional diet coke taste with a little extra twist of zingy cherry flavor.
I like this product and usually buy it when it is on sale at my local food store. I assume that the "Feisty" label is more of a marketing term than a descriptive one.
Don't really like this flavor, they have other flavors like mango which I really liked. Tried a sample from the Coca-Cola truck.
LOVE IT! Will definitely be buying more in the future! That's coming from some one that does not normally drink Diet Coke!
It's got an okay flavor. Not my cup of tea. A little too bold and the fizz just isn't there.
It's a little too bold for me. Still good and still refreshing but a little overpowering for my taste buds.
This is a typical cherry coke product, not any different from the cherry coke already available. The other flavors, however, are very different and interesting.
I have tried all of the new slim Diet cokes & they all have great flavor. My favorites are the Feisty Cherry, Twisted Mango & Ginger Lime! YUM!!!!
Okay, so it's good and a good size can, with a truly refreshing taste that is true for Coke. Problem is it's pricey and not one I'm willing to buy regularly because I'd have to get a whole bunch of them at once as I've never seen it sold in single cans.

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