DiGiorno: Italian-Style Meatball & Four Cheese Flatbread Melts

4.7 5 0 147 147 Toasty flatbread filled with italian style meatballs, parmesan, romano, asiago And mozzarella cheeses in a sweet marinara sauce with italian style seasonings.
DiGiorno: Italian-Style Meatball & Four Cheese Flatbread Melts


Guilty Pleasure
This is like a slightly elevated pizza picket. So tasty and so not healthy. I usually eat it with a lot of added veggies.
Tasty Snack
I Don't Really Care For This Brand But This Product Was Delicious The Meat With The Sauce In Cheese Tasted Lovely And I Loved The Bread Most Defiantly Will Buy Again
I love this pizza love the meatball and all that cheese
Great flavors
I love these flatbread digornos they taste great and are stuffed full of toppings.you get a little in every bite. Finally something for mom..
Taste great!
Great tasting little meal! Cooks quick and pretty filling!
I bought these for my husband for lunch. He stated they tasted good but were not satisfying for him.
The flavor i love it and its so easy to cook so is a very good option when i dont have time for make the dinner
Great and delicious! It’s quick and easy to prepare! I will definitely be buying this on the regular.
Good Pizza
The overall taste was delicious, would buy again. Very flavorful, easy to make and a good quick dinner item to make. Good texture, and overall look of the food. 10/10 in my books.
Flat bread delicious!!!
Just when you think pizza couldn't get any better. Dijon oh flatbread pizzas are ridiculously good crispy on both sides got a love it it's not delivery it's does your no definite recommend!!
digornio flat bread 4 cheese meat balls.
these are so good.......we eat a lot of these for meals and snacks.......thank you.....
I love meatballs and flat bread. It melted in my mouth it was so good. i love it went back to the store bought all they had thinking about having it for my birthday dinner simply good mmm it is amazing. It is wonderful and Godly made
i love
i always buy all kinds of Digiorno,easy to make in oven and with a quality in its fresh dough.
DiGiorno has done it again! Quickly made within minutes, I was able to put out something on the table after running late getting home from work! The flavors have such a great balance! I love that its a crunchy, toasty flatbread filled with Italian style meatballs, Parmesan, Romano, Asiago and mozzarella cheeses in a sweet marinara sauce with Italian style seasonings.
That stuff tastes really good that only thing I'd would in that stuff and tastes really goid

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